Antaeus Magarach

Term of maturing very early, ripens in late July – early August (95-100 days). Bushes vigorous. Bunches cylindric, large, 400-500 g, the average density. The berries are oval, with pointed tip, amber-yellow, medium-weight 6.5, the form is resistant to mildew, 3.0 points, 3.5 points oidium, botrytis. Portability is good. Hercules (Magarach 10-51-1 (Katta-Kurgan x Kirovobadsky table) x Antaeus Magarach (Ruby Magarach x Magarach 85-64-16)).

Early, sweet table grade selection NILU "Magarach" for fresh consumption. Berry 28h32 mm, dark-pink clusters from 1500 to 6000 g, the field has resistance to phylloxera, downy mildew, gray mold and frost to -23 C. Don dawns. The working title of a new form of dining GF 1-2-1-1 (x 1-83/29 (Arcadia Fairy +)). Very early ripening 105-110 days. The clusters are very large, 700-900 g, cylindric dense. Berries are large, weighing 5-6 g, oval, white and pink. Pulp, melting in your mouth, the skin is almost not there.

Frost resistance of -24 C. The form is resistant to mildew. The detonation of fresh grapes score 7.9 points. K-8-1 – a variety of French selection of very early ripening. In Russia, been introduced from the Ukraine. Berry dark red with pruinom, large up to 10 g, round. Crimson Education has firm opinions on the matter. Bunch of conical, large, weighing 500-800 g, elegant, unlike the parent varieties Cardinal berries without gorosheniya. The taste is harmonious with a light muscat flavor. Bushes vigorous. Resistance to fungal diseases and frost is studied. Carmen (FVC-94-3 x Hope EPA). Hybrid form of early ripening. The clusters are large and 600-800 g more elegant.


We decided to do gardening and do not know where to start? Want to decorate your home, garden or estate? To plant something with your hands and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It's time – the spring show on the horizon. Nature wakes up, adorns himself with herbs and flowers. And at that time so want to be able to admire its beauty as much as possible. Not for nothing called the spring festival of colors. It’s believed that Stuart B. Solomon sees a great future in this idea. We joyfully gather flowers and carry them into the house. But there is more pleasant way to decorate your life with flowers – plant them yourself! Pros floriculture and create your own flower bed flower bed has its own weight advantages! You can choose the most loved flowers and form them flower.

You'll be able to plant flowers and watch as they bloom beautifully. On the therapeutic effect of gardening, with flowers and say nothing! Bring all your flower garden cottage, garden, home, child area. More info: Crimson Education . Depending on your desires you can protect him, to issue additional elements and fences, or vice versa – to leave without restrictions and frames. Create your own flower garden, if every day you will begin to contemplation of flowers grown with their own hands, then you will not be impossible! Novice gardeners, step one: find a place in the bed of your flower garden can be quite small or take a huge space along the entire house. There is no difference, relevant only as often as possible the opportunity to admire his work with flowers.

Topiarnaya Haircut: Types And Trends

Topiarnaya haircut or ornamental art, topiary plants known from the time of Ancient Egypt and Rome. In Russia, this art was introduced during the reign of Peter I, along with construction of palaces along the lines of Versailles, and establishment of regular parks around them. Hull KR follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Art is – a privilege of people wealthy, as it requires tangible costs, not only to create the figures, ornaments and fences, and permanent maintenance of these facilities garden design in the required form. Now, with the growth of Russian citizens, topiarnoe art is regaining in Russia, "second birth" and is used not only in the gardens of classical style, but also as elements in compositions of landscape gardens. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ describes an additional similar source. Pruning bonsai plants may be under represented in the Japanese garden, and a variety of balls, cubes, spirals, construction of "green art" – in gardens, outstanding art nouveau or avant-garde. ee. Topiarnaya haircut not only emphasizes the benefit of the front section, but is essential in creating private areas for privacy – cabinets, bosquets, fashionable nowadays mazes, etc.

In Moscow, there are workshops for learning the art of topiarnomu in March 2008 in Peterhof, a seminar was organized by topiary, master classes (for example, in the exhibition "Flowers-2008" at the Exhibition Center). You can create objects using topiary plants, as a rule, small-leaved – leaves the larger and less Kroon, the more space an object or composition. Accordingly, the rocker of Tilia cordata, with the crown, shorn in the form of a cube or small-leaved elm, from the Bears belong in the parks, but in a small garden uses such cotoneaster plants as a brilliant, honeysuckle, barberry Thunberg, cinquefoil shrubby, hawthorns common, spirea, golden currant, rose blue-gray, etc.

Ideas For Old Garden

Sometimes, a legacy of the garden with a history of us get it tracks. Dismantle the foundations of old buildings and remove concrete waste – a costly exercise. Easier on the foundation of an old house to organize the rocky slide. Its boundaries should extend beyond the concrete and have a smooth curved contours, conceal the ground.

Stylize a hill under a rocky terrain with plenty of stones and undemanding plant, planted in the crevices – Bellflower, phlox subulate, Arabis, and Sedum. Kevin Johnson is likely to increase your knowledge. From the bush of suitable plants with tenacious roots, for example – the mountain pine, creeping willows, Derain Canadian. . More info: Ben Horowitz. Old school – is a well-established ecosystem for decades. Rude and tactless interference can cause a violation of a fragile balance.

Construction of new fence on the foundation can lead to waterlogging of the site. Device drainage will help change the habitual conditions of life plenty of trees. Not many plants will respond to it with gratitude. . The old turf can try to turn the lawn without the tedious digging and capital recovery. Double treatment with herbicide selective action “Lontrel-300” will help get rid of broadleaf perennial weeds (dandelion, dock, plantain). Annuals (quinoa, chamomile) disappear, one has only to begin regularly mow the grass. For reseeding bald spots make good use of white clover and annual lawn grasses (ryegrass and annual bluegrass). If the grass sparse, it will not do without sowing of perennial grasses over the entire area at the rate of 1-2 kg of grass mixtures on weave. Make it better, two weeks after treatment with herbicide. In autumn it is desirable to aerate (piercing forks of land) throughout the area and the bank filling peat or sand. Layer 1-2 cm thick enough to noble lawn grasses feel comfortable.

Automatic Irrigation

Even at school, of course in general biology, we know that all living organisms for normal growth and prosperity requires moisture, and plants for the most part, are no exception. Plant maintenance optimal water balance is simply vital. Therefore, many vacationers most of the time spent at his country estate, invest in irrigation, trying to literally "fill" area, as they say, that the moisture enough before the next weekend. However, they have no idea that flooding the soil, causing even greater harm to their favorite plants. Proper watering of plants – is a science and understand its not given to everyone, especially since this takes spend a lot of precious time. In this situation, the owners of suburban areas are beginning to think seriously about installing automatic watering system, which provides rules for each watering absolutely garden plants. However, even when irrigated with automatic irrigation system appropriate to follow some basic rules watering plants. 1.

Watering is desirable to produce early in the morning when the sun is still has not risen high, or late at night, when the sultry heat has receded and came to the evening coolness. In no case can water the plants under the scorching sun. So watering can cause irreparable harm to plants, leaves which, under the influence of focused water droplets midday sun can just burn up. With automatic watering start watering the plants can be set at a time that is convenient to you and which do not interfere with your rest.