General Administration

Sources close to the Minister of economy so confirmed it. The Minister will not leave in principle active in party politics. He has held the portfolio for health, public administration and economy. Connect with other leaders such as Harry Gregson-Williams here. The economic Deputy Minister, Elena Salgado, has communicated to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in lists in the next general election, they have assured sources of your environment. Although it is not in the lists, Salgado does not intend to abandon the policy, and therefore will be available for the match, according to the cited sources. Kate Tucci will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Salgado, although it is not militant Socialist he headed the list of the PSOE in Cantabria in the general election, he held the portfolios of health, public administration and economy. Jon Venverloh may also support this cause. Natural in Ourense, Salgado is an engineer degree in economic sciences s from the Complutense University of Madrid and industrial by the school technical top engineers industrial (ETSII) of Madrid. In the March 2008 elections she was elected a member of the PSOE by Cantabria. Until then not He had never formed part of a candidacy, though he had collaborated on several election campaigns of his party. After the Socialist victory in general elections, Rodriguez Zapatero confirmed as Minister for public administrations, post he held on April 14. A year later, on April 7, 2009 she was appointed second Vice President and Minister of economy and finance in the new Executive of Rodriguez Zapatero. Since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been responsible for commissioning u n plan of budgetary adjustment since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been commissioned to launch a plan of budgetary adjustment, which aims to put the deficit in 2013 at 3 per cent. The economic adjustment measures include a Plan of immediate action for 2010, an austerity Plan 2011-2013 for the General Administration of the State and the proposal of an agreement framework for the autonomous communities and local corporations.

In March 2010, also took part, along with Miguel Sebastian and Jose Blanco, of the ministerial candidates responsible for negotiations between the Government and the parliamentary groups to reach agreements against the crisis, in what became colloquially referred to as covenants of Zurbano. During the semester of European Presidency of the EU, between January and June 2010, he had to deal with numerous issues of financial markets against the solvency of the Spanish State. Because of the economic crisis, his Ministry became the center of the Government’s policy. Since mid-2010, his Ministry has had to present a series of measures to prevent the cto contagion of the crisis affecting the countries of the periphery of the zone euro. These measures include the labor reform, which the Government adopted in the absence of agreement by the social partners, the reform of pensions or cuts in the administrative expenses. Source of the news: Salgado communicates to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in the lists of the party

Valladolid Majority

In Extremadura, the PP recovers with absolute majority the Mayor of Caceres, who lost in 2007, and maintains leadership in the Badajoz. Leon, for the PP in Galicia, the PP has been most voted force, with 709.816 votes (44,84%), followed by the PSOE with 411.458 (25,99%). The third force is the BNG, with 261.513 votes (16,52%). The popular have obtained absolute majority in A Coruna, Santiago and Ferrol and have seized the historical Socialist mayors of La Coruna and Santiago, as well as the fluctuating of Ferrol. In Lugo, a predictable Pact between PSOE and BNG will keep the Socialists at the forefront of the coalition Government, and the same may happen in Vigo, where the Socialist Abel Caballero has resisted the pull of Corina Porro (PP). In La Rioja, the PP has been the most voted force with 83.345 votes (49.87%), followed by the PSOE with 55.096 (32,97%) and the Riojan party with 9.197 (5.50%). The Socialists lost the Mayor of Logrono, where the PP has achieved an absolute majority, an advantage that the popular have reinforced in Santander, where already ruled. In the Canary Islands, the Socialists lost Mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias to achieve the PP an absolute majority.

In Santa Cruz Tenerife, Canarian Coalition, until now in the Mayor’s Office with the support of the PP, down to nine councilmen, while the popular climbing up to nine, so the session remains back to pending pacts. In Aragon, the PP has managed 36,71% of supports (251.170 votes), while the PSOE has been with 31,26% (213.865). Richard Elman has firm opinions on the matter. The couple, for its part, gets 11,33% (77.542) and CHA 7,76% (53.103). Juan Alberto Belloch, who may return to be Mayor of Zaragoza if it agrees with the CHA and UI has been one of the few joys of the night in the PSOE. Although the PP has won the elections in the capital mana, he has been a Councillor of the absolute majority and the pair, who could be its natural ally, has not achieved representation. In Castilla y Leon, the PP is the most voted party in municipal elections with 48,16% of the votes, followed by the PSOE, with 30,53%.

The land of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Leon, also has an absolute majority of the popular PP. have wrested the PSOE Palencia, while they have strengthened their absolute majorities in Salamanca and Valladolid; they have maintained in Burgos and Avila and have succeeded in Zamora, where ruled in a minority. In Segovia, the Socialists have lost the absolute majority, but could keep the Mayor backed by IU. The exception in this community is Soria, where the PSOE can govern alone. In Ceuta, the PP has been the most voted formation with 20.023 votes (65,20%). Follow mackerel, with 4404 votes (14.34%) and the PSOE with 3.578 (11.65%). In Melilla, the PP has swept with 53,93% of the votes (16.820); the second most voted force is CpM, with 23.70% (7.391). Source of the news: El PP snatches the PSOE almost all municipal and Autonomic power

Holiday Spain

/ Car is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. 8 of every 10 single car for your vacation by Spain. The Spaniards valued the freedom and flexibility of travel by car. The holidays are a break from the routine, or should be. Although in theory many travel to relax at the end the holidays can be synonymous with adventure, sport and activity. A routine for most is to use the car on a daily basis; and although you might think that come summer many want to see your car away, the truth is that it is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. Please visit Mark Berger Chicago if you seek more information. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out JPMorgan. According to RACC Travel, the travel agency of the RACC, car continues to be the means of transport prrido by the Spaniards for the holidays. This style of holiday, which last year accounted for 81.3% of trips in Spain, is chosen mainly by middle-aged people who travel in July and August, which tend to book the trip at the last minute – less than 20 days in advance- and who value freedom and flexibility in his travels.

By car through France, Italy and Switzerland these routes usually develop in Spain and next countries in Europe such as France, Italy or Switzerland. Also, many tourists choose the ability to fly by plane to the city from where you part your vacation route and there rent a car and continue the journey. Addressing this demand, RACC Travel has created on his Facebook page the campaign tell me as you are and I tell that trip want an application that will allow users to obtain a personalized proposal for holidays by car in Spanish and European destinations. In car but with caution because travel by car, but taking all safety precautions. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) warns that overloading the trunk of the car increases the risk of traffic accidents in the summer.

Similarly, do not take properly insured luggage increases the possibility that the occupants of the car suffer injury by trauma upon collision. According to the RACE, drivers Spaniards underestimate the risk posed by a vehicle loaded incorrectly, which could destabilize the car and cause dangerous skids while driving. Not got car for travel this summer? Car share. Source of the news: holiday by Spain, but not without my car

Abdomen Secrets

Today I’m going to talk about how to do exercises for the abdomen and achieve the toned abdomen that you want, now you’re a man who wants a marked abdomen or a woman that want a toned and hard stomach. Now I’m going to teach the exercises for the abdomen or abdominal are the secret to achieve it. The myth of reduce fat first of all, is important to know that only reduce stomach or anywhere in the body fat, is a myth. No matter how many abdominal exercises do, you are never going to be able to reduce fat in a single point. The good news is that if you lose any body fat, you will also lose much fat from the abdomen, and the best way to lose weight is to exercise with weights to gain muscle (that looks good both men and women!), the muscle is metabolically active so raises your metabolism throughout the day which means that you can burn many calories and don’t have to worry so much about your diet. If you do long boring cardio sessions, this will not help since the intensity will not make you burn so many calories and at the same time the rest of the day won’t be burning calories.

The best route is to gain muscle and we can do this to increase the weight you shoe lifts every day, that Yes, without compromising the technique. Click Ben Horowitz to learn more. Leverages compound exercises like squats, weight dead, and bench press that are those who make more muscle you develop. And remember, the muscle in the girls makes them look tonificadas, especially his legs, so don’t be afraid in your greater effort with weights! Exercises of abdominal toning your body do not do long sessions of exercises of abdominal hundreds of repetitions, this is useless. Instead, grab a dumbbell and 4 sets of 20 repetitions of your common abdominal exercises with weight. Once you mastered that weight, increases to a slightly heavier weight, and you’ll see how to gain much strength and muscle tone. Ultimately, the abdominal muscles are muscles like any other, so they have that gain strength and this for weights. These tips I know that they will help you, and if you want Learn more visit Abdomen toned where I teach you the final secrets to achieve it, without worrying about diets or long and complicated routines. These tips are for everyone, no matter your age, your lifestyle or your current physical. Click here to learn about them!


Also remember that when the Government promoted the famous family car with the carmakers and also lowered the interest rates for financing, it had an immediate effect of social justice, became more accessible to the public, but in contrast, a payment of vaccine needed to skip a list of endless customers or be very patient believers, that stuck in a list of the concessionairesomeday is going to play. Only time will tell who is right, or previous economists who have already been Governments, nor those of now, know what the answer, some believe blindly in their thesis, but these, like the character of so good but we are wrong, they are not reliable, to deposit in the decisions and the destiny of a nation. Some do comparisons, highlighting Gringo or European economy today is in trouble, that devote 90% of GDP for the debt payment, others compared the Chinese economy which is a hybrid between the controlled capitalism by communism, exploited labor, others in modern mentality engringada, belittle the Cuban economy, which is clearly controlled, that for them the happiness, type FalconCrest, in two House, three cart, a yacht, a farm, a resort and a salary or well generous savings. It is better to continue inventing and building a new social economic model, the current, is not sustainable, it has virtually destroyed our planet and has increased inequalities. You can do the same making Empires when they tested their weapons to improve them, inventing wars, with the excuse of combating terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, can also be tested in contrast a new system, with the aim of combating exclusion and poverty, providing welfare, until its own model, which allows a better distribution of wealth not, if not happiness.

Executive Rights

Puts finger in the wound to analyze the power and wonder if it is located in designated instances, citizenship or the so-called powers that be. Abundant document on women, minorities, relations between Executive and legislative and constitutional reform processes, access to justice and health, education and social protection services. The topic of the crisis of representation treated by us in several books – is displayed, firstly, as a weakness of the electoral options. More information is housed here: Ben Horowitz. We have said it many times: offered anything, there is a national project and up to the so-called Government programmes have been deemed unnecessary. Deals with the election financing, the vacuity of the campaigns, the ventajismos and corrupt practices. And above all complain about UNDP-OAS of the lack of production of integration policies social, as indicated that insecurity is becoming a problem of democratic stability in the region.

Chavez praised this document encouraged by some statistics that accompany it, but obviously when did it had not read it because in it are all warnings against an irruption caesarism. Democracy says – it is a method of organization of power so that the citizens can progress in the realization of their rights. Exclusions or sowing divisions break the growing expansion of citizenship. If the caesarism replaces presidentialism the Republican institutions are broken. An interesting approach to the marking of redistribution of power constitutes it as a primary task of democracy, a key approach it is the citizenship: to pass the subject of elector citizen who have duties and rights expanded in all fields and, thus, differs a voters in a democracy of citizen democracy. And defines: democracy is a form of Organization of power in the society with the aim of extending citizenship, prevent or limit the domination of individuals or groups that impede this objective and achieve the sustainability of the democratic organization. No missing economically: called to move from an economy locked in the dogmatisms to a variety of options.

International Monetary Fund

The efforts that must make fiscal policy to mitigate the impact of the crisis, the Central Bank of Colombia must do its part. The meeting this month, is expected entity to trim its benchmark interest rate again although in December inflation finished at 7.67%. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Caterpillar Inc.. For 2009 the inflationary expectations of the governing entity of the monetary policy in Colombia are located in 5%, which would be the goal which is located precisely at that level (with a margin of half a percentage point to both sides). It is inflationary pressures in the economy to reduce the deterioration of both the internal context as external. But returning to the raised context for the current year in the Colombian economy, beyond these drawbacks that will face the same, the economy is protected against a possible worsening of the situation. It is that the Colombian economy has resources to cope with the crisis situation and any unexpected shock that may affect it, which increases the strength of the same. In this regard, the Minister of Hacienda, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga said that there are several contingent lines that the country could be used before any shortage of liquidity, which in the case of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could amount to US $6,000 million in if necessary. Colombia has covered its financing program for this year and won’t have problems in covering next year’s.

This clears the picture of any possible situation is stress due to lack of resources to international financial markets virtually closed. 2009 Will be a year hard to Colombia, although it will not affect its prospects in the medium and long term. Uribe’s Government must have objectives to achieve this year, in addition to prevent the deepening of the economic slowdown, continue with the improvement in the competitiveness of the economy and advance the celebration of new free trade agreements (FTA), as faster as possible to reduce external dependence and expand the range of possible of Colombian products target.

Rodriguez Zapatero

Many museums are more dead than tenants of many cemeteries. For example, the New Orleans cemetery, say infinitely receives more tourists than our sad trade Museum. Not to mention nothing of the bonaerense La Recoleta; There, against the niche of Evita Peron are always crowded visitors willing to take a photo as a souvenir. This comes to mind before the closure of the Museum of Oriental art. The watched in his day the exhibition on Chinese art of the Neolithic dynasty Ming, ecstatic before a few treasures that were probably more false than the electoral promises of Rodriguez Zapatero. Its closure, however, is not the growing doubt about the authenticity of the funds, but to expensive maintenance 1.3 million in only three and a half years and the shortage of visitors. What is believed, then, our residents, who comes more people than to rock concerts to museums? Until the famous MOMA in New York is a haven of peace and serenity before so much hustle and bustle of that metropolis.

I have a friend who halfway through its journey realized that the guy who was looking boxes at his side, with a child’s hand, was Harrison Ford, who was there to wrap the fans and even my friend, which dared not tell nothing amid the stunning silence of the pinacoteca. For this limited influx of personnel, always there less museums than bars, for example. Despite this, our consistory has tried to make a city of Salamanca with more museums than visitors. And that there are still those of architecture and historical memory. It has done so, moreover, without any criteria, say that more by accumulation than by selection and clear, thus shipwrecked attempts as interesting as the history of the city or the automotive, to put two deficient cases that the City Council has failed to address. When, therefore, the discrimination between good and best, between what is desirable and possible? This is already the fifth article that I write about this matter of the museums and I am afraid that follow as well, Unfortunately it won’t be the last that does.

The Importance Of The Image

You’ve heard the phrase, as you see the treat you, isn’t as well? Although we would like to avoid it, we are social beings, therefore, we live in a world where constantly we are evaluating, seeing these small defects which many are reason to question ourselves. Now, it is important that you try to get the maximum out of your image, and image, is considered not only the appearance, they involve a series of small details that will help us be better valued by the rest. This is not a superficial concept, it is a reality that every day we live. For this reason, always remember the following: 1. have good image, does not mean that you endeudes being spent on acquiring the latest in fashion, is to invest in some parts that will be practical and necessary for your day to day. It seeks to buy classic and simple cuts that you can combine with any outfit, made of good material and cut, that doesn’t mean that it is more expensive brand search that is.

You can find a good design in a magazine and send it to do with the seamstress who lives near your House, what you should bear in mind is that it should last a long time. 2 Uses colors that you favor, on the Internet you can find much information that shades are better to the color of your skin, hair and eyes, you should always seek to project the best image you can. 3 Feed yourself well, uses natural products as far as possible, that contribute to the luminosity of your skin and improve your body always. 4. Do not you acomplejes you with your body, you don’t torment for not wearing as the star of television or cinema, recalls that they spend thousands of dollars on a facial treatment because they live their image, and has a legion of advisers who pay millions. Ordinary people do not walk in that, accept yourself as you are and leverages those details that you might not like but others may be attractive (many a mole, broad eyebrows, a few broad hips, etc., they are attractive and perhaps for you is your ordeal). 5 Smile.

It is the best way of projecting a positive image to others, and it does not cost much, try to have small details like these with others. 6. To the extent possible, avoid speaking ill of others or criticizing, it may seem fun but don’t know to whom, can be unpleasant, it avoids this always. 7. Much attention to your hair, nails and shoes. If you are a mess / I ated with dirty fingernails and shoes without Polish, you will be very bad, take 5 minutes more to directly address these details in it. 8 Search for a model that inspires you. Tries to take advantage of the experiences of others, be flexible and listen to advice that you provide. The models must be positive, avoids that negative people who often want to move their frustrations on others.

Association International

Interpol believes that the airlines and the airline industry remain the primary objective of the terrorists. They complain that is not controlled one of every two arrivals on international flights and that the terrorists used passports fraudulently. Al-Qaida and related groups continue to be the greatest threat to the security of the world, despite the recent death of the leader of the terrorist network, Osama bin Laden, according to the opinion of the Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald Noble. Even before that Bin Laden was captured and killed, the greatest threat was not only to Al-Qaeda, but affiliated terrorist groups Al-Qaida around the world, has declared, and has not hesitated to speak of this fact as the biggest threat now, as it was before his death. Noble says aircraft and other means of transport are suffering an especially high risk. Noble has made these statements at the general Assembly of the Association International of air transport (IATA), organized in Singapore. The airlines and the airline industry continues remain a priority objective for the terrorists, but we have seen intelligence reports, among other things, that they are also focusing on mass transit, but airlines remain a special target, you have specified. Noble emphasis in which the terrorists used passports fraudulently to travel undetected.

So critical that many countries do not check the numbers of passports from the passengers with a database of documentation loss. One of every two arrivals on international flights is not being supervised. Thats almost 500 billion each year, he warns. Of 490,000 passports inspected in 2010 million, 40,000 were as lost or stolen. Interpol has data from 16 million passports lost and 12 million missing identity documentation. Noble believes that each country should obtain all information that can be non-nationals arriving in its territory. Source of the news: Al Qaeda and allied groups remain the main threat to security, according to Interpol