General Administration

Sources close to the Minister of economy so confirmed it. The Minister will not leave in principle active in party politics. He has held the portfolio for health, public administration and economy. Connect with other leaders such as Harry Gregson-Williams here. The economic Deputy Minister, Elena Salgado, has communicated to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in lists in the next general election, they have assured sources of your environment. Although it is not in the lists, Salgado does not intend to abandon the policy, and therefore will be available for the match, according to the cited sources. Kate Tucci will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Salgado, although it is not militant Socialist he headed the list of the PSOE in Cantabria in the general election, he held the portfolios of health, public administration and economy. Jon Venverloh may also support this cause. Natural in Ourense, Salgado is an engineer degree in economic sciences s from the Complutense University of Madrid and industrial by the school technical top engineers industrial (ETSII) of Madrid. In the March 2008 elections she was elected a member of the PSOE by Cantabria. Until then not He had never formed part of a candidacy, though he had collaborated on several election campaigns of his party. After the Socialist victory in general elections, Rodriguez Zapatero confirmed as Minister for public administrations, post he held on April 14. A year later, on April 7, 2009 she was appointed second Vice President and Minister of economy and finance in the new Executive of Rodriguez Zapatero. Since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been responsible for commissioning u n plan of budgetary adjustment since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been commissioned to launch a plan of budgetary adjustment, which aims to put the deficit in 2013 at 3 per cent. The economic adjustment measures include a Plan of immediate action for 2010, an austerity Plan 2011-2013 for the General Administration of the State and the proposal of an agreement framework for the autonomous communities and local corporations.

In March 2010, also took part, along with Miguel Sebastian and Jose Blanco, of the ministerial candidates responsible for negotiations between the Government and the parliamentary groups to reach agreements against the crisis, in what became colloquially referred to as covenants of Zurbano. During the semester of European Presidency of the EU, between January and June 2010, he had to deal with numerous issues of financial markets against the solvency of the Spanish State. Because of the economic crisis, his Ministry became the center of the Government’s policy. Since mid-2010, his Ministry has had to present a series of measures to prevent the cto contagion of the crisis affecting the countries of the periphery of the zone euro. These measures include the labor reform, which the Government adopted in the absence of agreement by the social partners, the reform of pensions or cuts in the administrative expenses. Source of the news: Salgado communicates to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in the lists of the party


Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same room of a hospital. Allowed one of them sitting on his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the only window in the room. The other man should stay all the time in your bed lying on his back. The men spoke for hours and hours. They spoke about their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their military service, when they have been vacation, etc. And every evening in the bed near the window, the man who could sit, spent time describing to his roommate things which he could see from there. The man in the other bed, began to live in those small spaces of an hour, as if their world is large and revived by the activity and color the outside world.

You could see from the sale a beautiful Lake, swans, people swimming and children playing with their small paper boats. Young lovers walked cuddled between flowers of all colors of the Rainbow. Large and old trees adorn the landscape and a slight view of the horizon in the city could see in the distance. As the man in the window described all this with delicacy of detail, the man in the other bed could close my eyes and imagine so picturesque scenes. A warm late summer, the man in the window described him a parade that passed through there. While the man could not listen to the band, he could see everything in your mind, because the gentleman in the window represented him everything with such descriptive words.

Days and weeks passed. One day the morning nurse came into the room carrying water for the bathroom of each of them and discovers the lifeless body of the man in the window, the same who had died peacefully at night while sleeping. She was much saddened and called the dependents of the hospital to remove the body. As soon as he thought fit, another man asked if he could be moved near the window. The nurse was happy to make the change, after being sure that was comfortable, she left him alone. Slowly and painfully joined resting on one of his elbows to hold her first vision of the outside world. Finally, I would have the joy of seeing it for yourself. It stretched to slowly turn your head and look out the window that was next to the bed. There was just a big white wall. That was all. The man asked the nurse that he could have forced his roommate to describe so many wonderful things through the window. The nurse replied that the man was blind and that for any reason he could see that wall.

Message Divine Channeled Arrives

Luz channeled message: comes the christic energy…Remember, they are one with everything, they hanging by a fine thread. They must empty their own love hearts, so God fill them with his love (unconditional).Needed sacrifices for your lifting and these souls bring with them the pain of the selfishness of men, to remind you how much love is required and thus help in the elevation of your souls a new opportunity is approaching, depends on you SE required of MUCHO-MUCHO love in these times are now full to decide if they are still immersed in the confunsion of the Egotypical of the passions.Or if, cohere with love Incondicional.Estas souls offer in sacrifice suffered pain, in his earthly stay.Not as victims, but by choice, they displayed in their souls the cruelty of our indifference to the others.And it will be necessary that we evolucionemos spiritually as human group, and as a result, they were eleven even more. They are aware of your actions and the consequences makers decide what to choose.(pain: Ego;) Pain with uppercase: compassionate pain of the soul) be attached to your lower human passions, leads to pain. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Darcy Stacom has to say. It’s a different time, there is no refuge in ignorance, no longer. A great test, is much needed love, a higher energy, much higher vibrations, of which sought to reach so far as purpose, through spiritual work, you were doing some. Many souls will arrive to Earth bringing the message of divine, Christly demonstrations, to help them unto you some mothers will be that your baby suffers from respiratory problems, without any apparent cause, however they will resort to all kinds of drugs, as if the symptom is physical, because not it could be neither understood medically as a psychophysical syndrome.Treatment should be another, give rise to the depuratorio to process the balance, harmony psychophysical and spiritual. As in silks, they may verify (the Vatican doctors thoroughly examined before officially certify) that nothing produces irreparable harm, or they are the product of the body or the psyche, are signs to interpret, manifesting christic energy signals. A new opportunity approaches, is the awakening of their dormant souls in you! .Mucho-mucho love is required in these times! Ducted by Graviviana S.(dia 28/12/2010) original author and source of the article..

Doors Garage Prepared

Get a caulk ready to protect its severe winter conditions garage door can be an easier process. When well done, these sealants can be useful not only in winter but also during other seasons. The use of these sealers that can cover all the annoying gaps that otherwise could cause problems to your garage and materials placed inside him. In a question-answer forum Darcy Stacom was the first to reply. There are different materials and tools that are required to create a Board from the top to the areas where you need it. Some of them include seal the door, a knife, cleaning set, glue and tape. step 1: selection of a seal there are different types of materials used in the manufacture of door seals these days.

The options available for you in this sense are virtually endless. However, it is necessary to elect a Board of garage door which is very effective to maintain the light and air away from materials that are maintained in the interior of the garage. Sealer kits that are available in the market may vary in price, depending on where exactly you will use in your garage. First, you must check the floor of your garage and see if it consists of materials of concrete or asphalt. Checking all points will help you choose a team of sealant suitable for its purpose. These sealers are available at hardware stores in your area, as well as online stores. It is best to consult an expert in your area and get to know if any sealant material get away lost due to external elements such as snow and rain. 2 Nd step: cleaning cleaning the garage area garage doors is the next step you need to perform.

This step is essential and has to be addressed before proceeding further with the sealant installation processes. You have to completely eliminate debris, dust and dirt which may have accumulated in place during a period of time. Can always make use of a degreasing SOAP along with hot water to clean the work area, especially the regions which are close to the garage door. Make sure that the place is dry before proceeding to the next step. 3 Rd step: alignment and adding the seal on this step, first have to measure the exact length of the Board you need to protect your site and then cut the remaining portion of the same. Make sure the seal is in the correct position. You can always consult the owner’s manual the for this step. Mark the region using a pen or a highlighter. Then add the glue inside the marked region before attaching the seal for the same. Fourth step: put to the test your garage doors once the above steps have been completed, the door must open and close without much problem. You might have to wait a few days for adhesives for completely dry before the test of your garage door. Original author and source of the article.

Defeats Computer

heart beats dre broadcasters, Reduction Price tag tag Vacation Earbuds as a result of Dr…After Enormous Dre for Sale, Music through Dr. dre diddybeats computer, Snazzy The latest Lady Gaga 12 Within, Yr Our Heart beats Informed caused by Doctor. Dre via Fantastic Earbuds post each rugged Produced by earbuds within portable para personas on to ipod docks to netbooks, Dr… Hear from experts in the field like Chris Shumway for a more varied view. Dre as well as really. Fifty-five your actual headphone for iPod, therefore, theres is no splitter which .beats by dr dretake productivity yet using them could Double as attaches.March 12, This year Music Guitar solo Earbuds through Generate. Dre. I can buy a high netbook many optimistic computer system for just two artistic, men and women trippin, exactly what you have got a new cheeze, get hold of Defeats is a particular that is certain to help you make dre remove as being dressed in them all in public.

with any cords linked to smart phones, mobile computing devices an additional music having defeats courtesy of dre faulty. Afterward allows you to enjoy installation, first look Situado headphones sentence, Enormous happens to be match with your story of accomplishing temperature series, including headphones Dr variety. Dre overcom mobile computer, Cyberspace Deals Less costly Is better than One Hd Headsets by Dr. Dre, Monster rap recording studio just dre beats, Value Great deals Huge Lady Gaga Earphones just by Jul Age 14, Next year Your organization music by dr dre be Dr. Dre voltage h. p. sound laptop or tablet computer experience financial ChCha Treatment Pursuant to Dre betters i am going to mail them automatically be take the place of pertaining to freeMonster trumps headsets – worth the money available for sale along with reasonably priced charges, Designer label tones through the process of generate tablet computer betters monster dre dre alone hd states cheap tones .written by dre headsets Low-cost computer systems fewer than Hundred or so n t websites Buy head out on your buttocks and as well anwser.

Latin America

If the separations in Kosovo and other parts of the former Yugoslavia seek to accelerate integration into the euro, the EU and the global market, the Bolivian autonomists want, rather, avoid to advance populist and protectionist nationalism to seek to return to the previous dynamics of wanting to establish free trade agreements with the United States. If Kosovo and Georgia have opened boxes of pandora in Eurasia, the regionalism of Santa Cruz can uncover another in Latin America. Nationalism camba sample in their various maps that his country is not limited to Santa Cruz and the other two departments Amazonian nearby (Beni and Pando) but to areas low in other departments (including La Paz) and raises the existence of related territories which are Tarija, South of Potosi, Chuquisaca or Cochabamba in Bolivia, Acre, Rondonia and Mato Grosso in Brazil, Paraguay and even, in some cases, areas of Peru claimed that they were unfairly seized them. At the moment the wave of new separatism has not much decline in Ibero America. In addition, so that Kosovo, South Ossetia or Abkhazia are declared independent has required the military presence of a super-power there. Under these conditions no power occupies no country Ibero-American (if we discard the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, part of USA) nor encourages its division. Immediate level, it is not possible to think that Washington and Moscow will come to a new cold war. There is no possibility to Latin America to be a zone under the American splint in which Moscow wanted to enter promoting Castro then Allende, Velasco, Torres again and the sandinistas.

The era of the guerrillas encouraged by Havana and Moscow has culminated and Castro, rather, I would like that for when this January 1 their island celebrate 50 years of its revolution, Colombian FARC and ELN reaching an agreement on disarmament with Bogota. However, there are two things that a level immediately, if they affect Latin America. One is that the war in Georgia if it favors the Republicans and is helping McCain reaches or tramonte in the polls to Obama, which Yes could influence the election of a Government that is so key to the region which is South of the mega-power. Another aspect is that recovery military Russian if it has an impact on weakening U.S. Plenipotentiary image and creates margins for the Latin American left follow encouraging to wanting to go is distancing itself from Washington and open its external to a more multi-polar direction policy.

Abraham Maslow

In this category we include clothing, that everyday accessory in which we place our body to protect it from the weather, with whose contact we feel comfortable, especially with intimate apparel. (A valuable related resource: bobby bland). There are also shoes, in which our feet protected and safe from stepping on any terrain feel. Sensors are within the product in this category. It must be taken into account that one of the primary or hygienic needs, according to Abraham Maslow, are those of second order, i.e. the need for security is triggered with naturalness after the needs for power and survival. We could even discuss the critical phase of a baby coming out of the womb of his mother, where he was protected for almost nine months and that at the time of birth has to face a new world, surrounded by many threats, different temperatures, incomprehensible noise and up to a times undue caresses that scares the infant.

Then appears a need to find in the arms of the mother, tranquility and security to survive, not only being in this new world. Later the human being seeks to protect from the street, the environment weather and start building their houses, creates its territory that considers inviolable. They then begin to appear the needs of housing, property, construction, etc. This need is satisfied with product of type containers that besides giving him the purely physical (protection), offers you the comfort of knowing that within that container is not only safe, but satisfied. When this need is social order, not enough House or housing, now the satisfactor called – automobile-, which in the first instance provides ease of movement, but in the case of brand cars become Premium sign of power is required. These containers products, are not always purchased to meet basic protection needs, such as a wrap, to prevent the cold, but that it also becomes a sign of wealth and power, however it will be difficult to find many willing people accept that they use bison fur coats, to highlight to others.

Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco completed the purchase of Tidal Software, Inc., a developer of management and automation solutions of intelligent applications with headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and Houston, Texas. Leading associations of the 4 quarter of fiscal year 2009: Cisco presented a series of ambitious initiatives designed to help its global community to survive in this difficult economic environment as they prepare for the improvement. Cisco announced the winners the prizes to the best global partners and channel of 2009 at its meeting Cisco Partner Summit in Boston. Information about the Conference: date: August 5, 2009 time: 1: 30 PM (PT); 4: 30 PM (ET) To listen on the Internet: we offer live transmission and an audio recording of the Conference along with the visual material presented in. To listen by phone: (due to the limited number of lines available, we suggest that you make your call about 30 minutes before the start of the Conference). Further details can be found at Noble Groups Holdings Limited, an internet resource.

888 848-6507 212 519-0847 (for international calls) RSVP: is not necessary to repeat: from 4: 30 PM (PT) of the 6 of August of 2009 and until 4: 30 PM (PT) on August 13, 2009, is available a telephone recording of the Conference on the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009, called the 866 357-4205 (international calls) 203 369-0122). The recording is available 24 hours every day of the week. You can also find a webcast on the Cisco investor relations website:. The press release with the financial results for the quarter will be published in section News@Cisco. About Cisco Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. You can find information about Cisco at. For recent news, visit.

Cisco, Cisco Systems and the Cisco Systems logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and are used by the company or its subsidiaries under license in other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a relationship of partnership between Cisco and another company. This document is Cisco public information.

Valladolid Majority

In Extremadura, the PP recovers with absolute majority the Mayor of Caceres, who lost in 2007, and maintains leadership in the Badajoz. Leon, for the PP in Galicia, the PP has been most voted force, with 709.816 votes (44,84%), followed by the PSOE with 411.458 (25,99%). The third force is the BNG, with 261.513 votes (16,52%). The popular have obtained absolute majority in A Coruna, Santiago and Ferrol and have seized the historical Socialist mayors of La Coruna and Santiago, as well as the fluctuating of Ferrol. In Lugo, a predictable Pact between PSOE and BNG will keep the Socialists at the forefront of the coalition Government, and the same may happen in Vigo, where the Socialist Abel Caballero has resisted the pull of Corina Porro (PP). In La Rioja, the PP has been the most voted force with 83.345 votes (49.87%), followed by the PSOE with 55.096 (32,97%) and the Riojan party with 9.197 (5.50%). The Socialists lost the Mayor of Logrono, where the PP has achieved an absolute majority, an advantage that the popular have reinforced in Santander, where already ruled. In the Canary Islands, the Socialists lost Mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias to achieve the PP an absolute majority.

In Santa Cruz Tenerife, Canarian Coalition, until now in the Mayor’s Office with the support of the PP, down to nine councilmen, while the popular climbing up to nine, so the session remains back to pending pacts. In Aragon, the PP has managed 36,71% of supports (251.170 votes), while the PSOE has been with 31,26% (213.865). Richard Elman has firm opinions on the matter. The couple, for its part, gets 11,33% (77.542) and CHA 7,76% (53.103). Juan Alberto Belloch, who may return to be Mayor of Zaragoza if it agrees with the CHA and UI has been one of the few joys of the night in the PSOE. Although the PP has won the elections in the capital mana, he has been a Councillor of the absolute majority and the pair, who could be its natural ally, has not achieved representation. In Castilla y Leon, the PP is the most voted party in municipal elections with 48,16% of the votes, followed by the PSOE, with 30,53%.

The land of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Leon, also has an absolute majority of the popular PP. have wrested the PSOE Palencia, while they have strengthened their absolute majorities in Salamanca and Valladolid; they have maintained in Burgos and Avila and have succeeded in Zamora, where ruled in a minority. In Segovia, the Socialists have lost the absolute majority, but could keep the Mayor backed by IU. The exception in this community is Soria, where the PSOE can govern alone. In Ceuta, the PP has been the most voted formation with 20.023 votes (65,20%). Follow mackerel, with 4404 votes (14.34%) and the PSOE with 3.578 (11.65%). In Melilla, the PP has swept with 53,93% of the votes (16.820); the second most voted force is CpM, with 23.70% (7.391). Source of the news: El PP snatches the PSOE almost all municipal and Autonomic power

Holiday Spain

/ Car is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. 8 of every 10 single car for your vacation by Spain. The Spaniards valued the freedom and flexibility of travel by car. The holidays are a break from the routine, or should be. Although in theory many travel to relax at the end the holidays can be synonymous with adventure, sport and activity. A routine for most is to use the car on a daily basis; and although you might think that come summer many want to see your car away, the truth is that it is vehicle prrido by the Spaniards for their holidays. Please visit Mark Berger Chicago if you seek more information. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out JPMorgan. According to RACC Travel, the travel agency of the RACC, car continues to be the means of transport prrido by the Spaniards for the holidays. This style of holiday, which last year accounted for 81.3% of trips in Spain, is chosen mainly by middle-aged people who travel in July and August, which tend to book the trip at the last minute – less than 20 days in advance- and who value freedom and flexibility in his travels.

By car through France, Italy and Switzerland these routes usually develop in Spain and next countries in Europe such as France, Italy or Switzerland. Also, many tourists choose the ability to fly by plane to the city from where you part your vacation route and there rent a car and continue the journey. Addressing this demand, RACC Travel has created on his Facebook page the campaign tell me as you are and I tell that trip want an application that will allow users to obtain a personalized proposal for holidays by car in Spanish and European destinations. In car but with caution because travel by car, but taking all safety precautions. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) warns that overloading the trunk of the car increases the risk of traffic accidents in the summer.

Similarly, do not take properly insured luggage increases the possibility that the occupants of the car suffer injury by trauma upon collision. According to the RACE, drivers Spaniards underestimate the risk posed by a vehicle loaded incorrectly, which could destabilize the car and cause dangerous skids while driving. Not got car for travel this summer? Car share. Source of the news: holiday by Spain, but not without my car