Also remember that when the Government promoted the famous family car with the carmakers and also lowered the interest rates for financing, it had an immediate effect of social justice, became more accessible to the public, but in contrast, a payment of vaccine needed to skip a list of endless customers or be very patient believers, that stuck in a list of the concessionairesomeday is going to play. Only time will tell who is right, or previous economists who have already been Governments, nor those of now, know what the answer, some believe blindly in their thesis, but these, like the character of so good but we are wrong, they are not reliable, to deposit in the decisions and the destiny of a nation. Some do comparisons, highlighting Gringo or European economy today is in trouble, that devote 90% of GDP for the debt payment, others compared the Chinese economy which is a hybrid between the controlled capitalism by communism, exploited labor, others in modern mentality engringada, belittle the Cuban economy, which is clearly controlled, that for them the happiness, type FalconCrest, in two House, three cart, a yacht, a farm, a resort and a salary or well generous savings. It is better to continue inventing and building a new social economic model, the current, is not sustainable, it has virtually destroyed our planet and has increased inequalities. You can do the same making Empires when they tested their weapons to improve them, inventing wars, with the excuse of combating terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, can also be tested in contrast a new system, with the aim of combating exclusion and poverty, providing welfare, until its own model, which allows a better distribution of wealth not, if not happiness.