Dressmaking Courses

The cost of the course by mail are many. The most economical costs 10 BsF I can also send clothes patterns you want to make apart without ternary buy the course only pattern, 12 Bsf for each pattern. Swimsuit hiatus girls clothing ladies clothing Diphridas but its cost is 25 Bsf patterns dog clothes cost is 30 Bsf c / u to what they learn here will give you the opportunity to exercise sewing as a profession, thus providing a livelihood independent and profitable. For the exercise of this profession just need some scissors, thread, needles, pins, fabrics, and ademasa cetimetro a sewing machine and a small space in your own home. a Working at home is an advantage appreciated by many people for their housework, can not be away from home. All content detailed below, included with your purchase. loa purchase. And will have the opportunity to show off quisistes drew away as ever.

a sujerenciasy you can look at this small haser your patterns cob medidaspor example if you have short legs are Cobfeccionar a high-waisted pants, because they visually lengthen its length without bells and straight cut. Use on top or short jackets garments at the waist, things not very long, a etc. . a Avoid long skirts definitely prefer those with a tube and go up to the knees. Shoes with pointed toes, flat shoes devesusara not everything with a heel that the heel is small. Another precise details a If you like make some miniskirts, mini-dresses and shorts, skirts never, of course high heels. Eat a quierasa and all your clothes in the same range of color.

Short or long sleeves and tight. a small bags FOR THE HIGH. Costumes a long. Flat sandals to jeans and t-shirts hip long. Great shoes and bags you like to A for the gorditas. a dark colors, smooth, soft fabrics, printed vertical stripes, V-cut if you have a lot of chest. Try that clothes are not tight enough but not too big and tries to make more dresses and skirts trousers that you look thinner pants. a slab high heels so try not to use short ones with high heels you look more slender a Important We are always obsessed with our weight and our body parts we do not like at all, and do not get to buy clothes so sometimes get to select which becomes an arduous and frustrating task. The secret is to make loa only hide what we like and do not want to display and visualize what quermosa accomplish. Let's see what we can do and just sewing clothes that we encourage a Carmen Mastrangelo birthplace Maracaibo Zulia Venezuela designer Professions


As soon as I list – and the price changes for the request. Accordingly, in the list of all the prices are averaged. Dear requests cheaper, cheap expensive. As a result, it is likely to be in high positions only inefficient queries, paying for them at a very decent level. How to avoid: demand guarantees you hit the TOP of the most interesting and popular needs.

If the offer as a guarantee of certain% of the number of requests – to break the list into 2 groups, the most interesting and the rest. And prescribe the obligations of each of the "5% discount for a quick agreement" terms: If you sign a contract within a period not exceeding 10 days from the moment of the company, then as a bonus, get a discount of 10 to 15%. Pitfalls: of course, get the customer interested in everything quickly. But the actual costs for companies prodvizhentsa This decrease is insignificant. Accordingly, the risk of project outputs in the zone of non-profitability.

But such projects are rarely successful, and for the customer. How to avoid: to give a discount. "The site will be the first Yandex page immediately after its development, "conditions: the name of the proposal speaks for itself. Pitfalls: the only way to achieve results in such a period – like open a site for indexing by search systems at the very beginning of development. This creates the risk that people will go to the still unfinished site and their first impression of the company will be ruined.