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The first propellant industrial purposes was proposed in 1698 the British engineer T. Severi steam dewatering plant. This device can be regarded as a prototype invented in Germany in 1871, Halle heart rate that took two cameras and operate automatically. The idea of using compressed air to the water supply was expressed in 1707, Papen and other engineers, but in practice has been applied much later (in the 20.) – In and two-chamber water-pump replacement for water wells (design engineer vp Savotina, USSR). Supply of water under pressure of the combustion products of liquid fuel has been implemented in the uk in 1911 nl Humphry. Fundamentally different way of filing water or oil from wells with compressed air or other gas was used in gas lift, which have been proposed in the mid-19. and later found and practical application (from 1897 in Russia in the oil fields in Baku in 1901 in the U.S.).

With the invention of Montgolfier in 1796 automatically acting hydraulic ram there has been another way of development of devices for pressurized fluid supply, whose operation was based on the use of water spray from time to time created by water hammer. In what have been proposed various designs of hydraulic rams. In the Soviet Union found the spread of the installation engineer di Trembovelskogo (1927), etc. One of the varieties pump apparatus was water-jet pump, which is a laboratory device was proposed by British scientist D. Thompson in 1852 and served for the extraction of water and air. The first design used a jet device Nagel, an engineer in 1866 (presumably in Germany) to remove water from mines.

Later created different jet pumps in the form of water-water jet ejector, steam and water injectors, and many other fundamentals of the theory of jet pumps were laid in the works of Tseynera and W. Rankin in the 2 nd half of 19. and received a significant development in the 30-ies. 20. Research by American engineers and O'Brien Goslina and Soviet specialists L. Berman, K. Baulina, an , E. J. Sokolov and nm Zinger, and others later proposed hydro-pneumatic water-pump for wells (V. Sirotkin, ys Surenyants), which is incorporated in the design of jet pump and airlift. One of the directions of pump-sets is the creation of magnetohydrodynamic pumps. The first of these pumps with direct current have been proposed Golden (1907) and Hartmann (1919) and pumps with alternating current – Chubb (1915). However, they have become widely used in the ussr and abroad only in 50-60-ies. 20. Mainly due to the success of nuclear energy. T. Fr., Lifting and moving equipment initially only the water and then oil and other fluids in every epoch mainly corresponded to the level of development productive forces and production relations. Source: Great Soviet Encyclopedia

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