comes the thread as there is no response in comments here I leave in absolute I realize hint, money is not eaten but gives you the possibility to eat better, I’ve met and I have friends from the hippies of the 1980s and now the anti-establishment, and everyone just as subject to the system, paying their mortgage and raising his children, and most happy for trying to at least change it. But housing, friends of this generation of the nini, so every man to his own, if they occupy a House already eviction I tell you what I’ve been working since age 14 and nobody has given me anything, disgusts me people that rises to 11 with porro at the mouth and these are parasites that occupy, and then that I claimed, spend time and time. Reportedly, street justice defends the offender, because nothing if you can’t them joins them. Total penalties are ridiculous and without background naaaaaaaa fails you. Guaranteed, if you think occupy a dwelling I hope that you it’s someone to actually do you lack. However, if I see people losing their homes and their work to daily, normal people who are about to commit a folly, and much of this is Socialist management as already step above, the people who don’t know your story is doomed to repeat it (time Gonzalez) another speculator in their day, this motto believe that you use it much the anti-system and Communists, because to do so, to study a little history and contribute to society. IF CHE LIFTED HIS HEAD HIT A SHOT TO FIDEL.

That is the revolution of the left, or the unpresentable of Chavez, or Chinese hitlerites. I at least helped ordinary people to defend themselves against credit institutions, if you are looking for some old blog mine really my motto was anarchist financial, but as I want to eat better use what is in this corrupt and often cruel and unjust society. The best weapon is to know this system we have inherited and use it to achieve our objectives. For that you must be prepared and course work. Within 10 or 15 years told me that you House will occupy, luck.

Business from Home

Sometimes habras seen the announcements of the infomerciales: " Contruye income of six or seven numbers while it rests in pajamas with his business in casa". For many people, this will ignite its detector of swindles and pondra to the defensive. Why? Because they have listened to countless histories of horror where other people have lost until the shirt to try to raise a business from house. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Caterpillar. In spite of this, the truth is that nowadays many industralists been in house exist by which they have been able to decipher to the code, created his business from house and power of receiving in his banking accounts the income produced by business from house. The question is They do since it? Why some fight on a daily basis yet their effort and they never reach the stability, whereas others create successful businesses from the comfort of their house? There are certain habits that seem to me, are compatible with the common companies. Here I present/display seven scandalously profitable habits or characteristics to you to ensure the success with your business from house.

1. It looks for an objective market with hunger and ofreceles the product or service that satisfies that necessity. He is surprising to see whichever things stopped making the industralists frustados so that its business worked. We cannot think that only so that a product or service is good, one is going away to only sell. We must maintain our mind abierta to look for opportunities of businesses with soothes in house, this it is not thing of feelings, one is effort, certainty, but it has much of analysis to look for that it wants to buy people and to be sold and comprometerte with something not known or that you do not dominate. But also it is needed to have a little passion to prevail.