Know the Company Well

All who were led from the start of these companies in light of its own as child. 5. Not understanding or perception of leadership, performance sotrudnikov.Kazhdoe case must be evaluated, the harder it is, the more the worker needs in order to appreciate his work. Not necessarily give bonuses. You can simply thank for their work, may even be in writing. Tell how much it was important to the company’s life. Explain that further movement of all benefit from it.

6. Do not cause vision officer immediate implementation guide does not tell zadaniya.Kogda purposes for which it should be made an assignment it will not be satisfied in rows. Not necessarily tell everything from a to me. You just need to make it clear that this really important for the company and not just primha leadership. Accordingly, the time is just not interesting to work. 7.

Conflicts between sotrudnikami.Maleyshie conflicts between employees can lead to care One of them, or loss of desire to work. Moreover, it is contagious … Any small conflict could split the organization in two. People see and react to the opinion of each of the parties to the conflict. The manager should see any conflicts and resolve them soon. 8. BezdeleRabotnik should not sit idle. He should not be bored at work. He must do his work. If it does not work, he begins to relax and further delay the assignments, as always a lot of time. When after a while he realizes that sat in the office almost in vain, he usually goes, because most likely want to develop. 9. Moral davlenieVsegda should be clear problem. There should be no pokapyvany for brains. A man must always understand that and when he has to do. If it start to twitch, distracting, changing the job 8 times in 8 hours, he simply stops trying. And for what? All equal to all change. And then: “I spoke to, but why do not you do?” Such a situation simply kill the desire to work. Most likely the person will write a statement. 10. Doing work which does not apply to officers obyazannostyam.Esli man looking for a job he knows what he wants to do. On arrival at the job he starts his own business. If it is loaded with other things that he did not need and should do what the other person, he begins to move away from his case. He spends his time on what to do useless work for it. If this single case – this is normal. If it ever expect layoffs.

Tidbits Of English Snobbery

Tidbits of English snobbery, Boris Kanzberg, Internet newspaper Kabbalah Kabbalah world is looking at how to fix the crisis. The disappearance of the excesses will help us to properly assess her life and values. Michael Laitman Times change. European business aggressively implementing a new niche – products for the crisis. In England, established sale of expired products and to all appearances, the sales volume continues to increase.

But more recently … ‘Each of the seven and a half million people in the British capital leaves a half-ton of garbage in year ‘- wrote last year, Russian Service BBC. It seemed nothing could stop the production of unnecessary products and goods, half of which are thrown in the trash. Those who disagree with this state of affairs were in absolute minority. I remember the hippies – the counter-cultural elite 70s. ‘We do not want to be consumers, not want to do an end in itself consumption’ – long-haired prophets prophesied, defiant benefits of Western society. Then it was rebellion.

Intelligent, non-aggressive, but a rebellion. In “Russian wing” hippies, as usual, there were extremes. Ever-hungry hippies used to go to a dining and eat up half-eaten meals other visitors. Such free lunches, even had his name – ‘nishtyak’. Eating ‘nishtyak’ has become a kind of cult ritual hippies. For someone that evoked a smile, some outraged, others are simply not paying attention. Let them have eaten all the same discarded. But even then it was possible to think and say, ‘Stop! Why make something, then to throw away? Why create a consumer society, where only marginal and the rebels find reasons to refuse shared values and to eat garbage, shocking the others? ‘Since the introduction of the term’ crisis of overproduction ‘has now been several decades, but only now, when he spoke of our pockets and refrigerators, and we began to think about the economy wise consumption. And even the prudish British negligible sumnyashesya, go to ‘nishtyak’ … On the other hand, let us rejoice, we have a real chance to learn to take for themselves exactly as long as necessary for life, and use the freed resources are not the common good. A chance to find the strength to follow the law of harmony between man and nature and to create a society in the relevant rules of conduct. ‘The system of moral principles – the sole basis for raising the moral level of society …’, – says the founder of the modern school of Kabbalah Baal HSulam in the’ solution ‘. After completing this advice, we forget about the need, and discounted goods goods in Class II. These are all signs of the crisis, but he always goes out of our lives, giving way to well-being and abundance.