Emerging Tunisia

Customs Union evolved with the EU as the next step of Tunisia in the last one and a half decades economically – and social success. The country has established a leading position in Africa and the Maghreb as emerging economy. Customs Union wants to soar Tunisia in the Group of industrial countries with the EU as pursued by the association with the EU. For even more opinions, read materials from Ben Horowitz. International observers certified the country a macroeconomic success with growth rates of more than 6.2% in the last 15 years. Strengthening the competitiveness and export capacity of the country is a central task in regard to the implementation of the Customs Union with the EU in 2008. But the phasing out of the world textile agreement since January 2005 Tunisia textile industry – from quantity to quality presented new challenges.

To be able to compete with low-cost producers such as China and India, the textile industry needs to reinforce quality, design and marketing. To do this an industrialization supported by donors and renewal programme was set up by the Government. A convenient location for investment the investment climate in Tunisia is good, investors enjoy numerous tax incentives and are supported by the Tunisian authorities in establishing companies. Simple formalities for company formation, tax exemption for export profits for ten years for projects in the agricultural sector more incentives for foreign investors. It is also freedom of investment for foreigners who are attractive for European entrepreneurs in addition to very competitive labour costs for the production and the geographical proximity to Europe. Especially for the areas of electrical, electronics, automotive supply industry, textile, worth leather, agro-business, pharmaceutical, packaging, information technology and tourism investments of foreign companies.

60,000 Jobs In Berlin – Profession Thanks To Film Industry

60,000 jobs and high turnover in the Berlin film industry the booming Berlin film industry provides many new jobs. The Berlinale”proves it once again since February 7: Berlin is not only national, but also film capital of Germany. Not only the profile of the metropolis is sharpened so, economically, you benefit from the local film industry on the river Spree. There are nearly 60,000 jobs in the industry currently in and around Berlin. The total annual turnover of the industry is estimated at 2.6 billion euros, reported”the Berliner Morgenpost. One could speak of a real film boom, Kirsten Niehuus, head of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg film support company thinks so. However is not just the film industry on course for success; the whole creative economy of the capital fine at the moment.

These include agencies, the IT and Internet sector, the games industry and the media in General. More than two-thirds of the media industry were satisfied or very satisfied with the past business year. The media industry is one important industry in Berlin and Brandenburg has become,”confirmed Niehuus. For 2008, it is optimistic in the creative economy: about 44 percent of the companies expect according to Medienboard rising revenues and more jobs in the industry.

Joint Ore Mountains

On April 1, holiday goes-IM erzgebirge.de online since April 1 holiday is-in the erzgebirge.de to market and strengthening of the holiday region of Erzgebirge online. They just now. Regional marketing Erzgebirge, operator of the information portal, has made the goal to strengthen the positive image of the largest holiday region of Saxony with networked information. The motto is from hosts to guests”. While the owner Ms. Seidel relies on a totally new concept. For the first time provided the articles not only as a source of information, but at the same time the text and picture material of the article is other publishers and editors free of charge to the available “, so Ms.

Seidel of Crottendorf: to the tourist information, to convince clubs and local businesses of which disclose their insider knowledge of the Erzgebirge, we have fitted yet additional candy.” Always the complete contact details of the author are below each post, so that dedicated achievers with each post will be known and so believable to advertisement make. “, so Ms. Seidel. Adds Ms. Seidel: because many service providers have already invested in your own Web pages, it is certainly not easy to convince them to a common platform.

Especially because everyone apart from his alleged competition presents.” Still, she’s confident and decisive advantages are clearly obvious in a central portal. 77% of all Internet users use the Internet for the preparation of the holiday, and here he takes his information quickly and effectively. Also the service providers occur together the region, which further enhances the positive image of the host. By modern Web 2.0 technologies such as direct contact to the author, that is through automatic related networking of posts a guest accurate led to his areas of interest. They just now. Regional marketing of ore has set high goals with this portal. Often attempted in the Ore mountains, to create a comprehensive and current information platform for tourists. However, would be for a large region such as that Ore a whole Legion of editors necessary to keep as many information posted. Ms. Seidel goes new ways and in everyone’s interest, it is to be hoped that each local service providers its advantages on holiday-in IM erzgebirge.de detects and uses. Contact: just now. Regional marketing Erzgebirge holder Ina Seidel main street 147 b 09474 Crottendorf OT Walther village phone: 03733 278721 fax: 03733 428466 contact person: Mr Thomas Seidel phone: 0160 186 4090 E-Mail: just now. Regional marketing of ore, Agency for new media, was formed as an initiative to promote tourism and economic vacation and holiday region of Erzgebirge. It aims to market the Ore mountains with Central and networked information at first hand and to attract to the region for the tourists. In addition to the project, Ms. Learn more at this site: Reade Griffith. Seidel operates successfully a jeans online shop, as well as an online travel community.

Mevlut Uysal Of Another Managing Director Of Board Advisory Partners Ltd.

Board advisory partners gmbh strategic business lawyer Munich, Cologne Mevlut Uysal (37), previously senior is a partner at advisory board partners, with effect from 5 March 2008 to further Managing Director of board advisory partners gmbh have been ordered. In this role he will be responsible for the Executive search with German and international clients in the area of Inhouse Consulting and strategy consultancies. Mr. Uysal is a graduate in economics and began his career as a management consultant in a worldwide operating management consulting. Jim Umpleby shines more light on the discussion. He then worked for several years in the telco/IT industry for international corporations in managerial positions.

In one of the largest financial firms in Germany, he was instrumental in establishing a business unit as Managing Director. Before joining board advisory partners served Mr. Uysal company as a partner at one of the leading international executive search and built up the professional services and financial services divisions. Partner advisory board: board advisory partners is a human resources and management consultancy that has focused on executive search in the field of strategy / M & A. Board advisory partners occupied only positions in strategic business units, the Inhouse Consulting and strategy consulting firm.

Study On English –

For decades, study German at universities in other English-speaking countries and complete there in complete studies or only one semester. How long young people with itchy feet abroad can reside, often decides the purse of the parents or the amount of own savings. The tuition fees in Britain or the United States are not comparable with the cost of studies in Germany, namely. Depending on the quality and the reputation of the College ‘Education foreigners’ pay between 6,000 and 20,000 euro per year. However, the fact that the widest range of courses in English language worldwide has the Netherlands, even though English is not the official language of the country is largely unknown in Germany. So, approximately 1300 different English-language study programmes are offered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Special study in the Netherlands: It is slightly more expensive than the education at a local University citizens, thus also for German, for EU. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin Johnson. So the state tuition fee is per year 1565 euros (as of 03-08). And the funding opportunities for students were never as attractive as it is today. After entry into force of the 22 BAfoG amendment on January 1, 2008, now also complete study abroad can be supported by the BAfoG. One more reason for current high school seniors to check, whether studying in the Netherlands is not an alternative to crowded lecture halls in Germany. One of the largest universities in the Netherlands is Hogeschool Utrecht University of applied sciences (HU), which offers five English-language degree programs without restrictions as a Numerus Clausus.

This fall the degree programmes such as international business & management studies, entrepreneurship for developing areas, international business & economics, international marketing management and international communication & media. Ingmar Volmer, public relations department: “at our university students from about 100 Nations learn. Although the Hogeschool Utrecht educates approximately 34,000 students in 74 bachelor degrees, guaranteed a personal accompaniment and support in small groups. Because just for study in the Netherlands is finally also already known in Germany. Students receive the modern Bachelor’s or master’s degree and are excellently prepared for an international career.” Hogeschool Utrecht organized University of applied sciences an open day on March 29. From 10.00 to 15.00 interested are cordially invited to inform themselves extensively (Padualaan 101, 3584 CH Utrecht).

Picturetom Market

It is new image market demand a quality offensive at the agencies. It is by far not enough, a Web presence with an image search and one or two Specials to offer. Good photographers are picky and choose the agencies more according to many criteria. Therefore, just the simple programmed agencies due to lack of buyers and sellers will give up in 2010 or 2011. 5.) the new image market is the dream of the photographer to the Millionaire”are less and less true. Life stories such as Yuri Arcurs, who became a millionaire through the stock photography are probably once and for all the past times.

Good forums such as “Picturetom” and “Everyday of a photo producer” repeatedly point out that a photographer who would like to live from photography, must find more legs to stand on as the trade of his photos through image photo agencies. 6) microstock is indispensable from the new image market. Since 2008, the word microstock by various agencies was introduced on a wider scale. Photos are to have since then at Penny prices. This trend has become a fixture of the image market and will be still present. The agencies, who do not understand it, this trend in it To integrate business model, it will have very hard in the coming days, to get through the rounds. Any serious providers must confront these and other points in our opinion in particular from 2010. How can survive a photographer / author? Working conditions have not improved in recent years for most of the authors.

Pure Microstockanbieter, foreign stock agencies and many hobby photographers who offer their photos, have pushed the prices, you still got a few years ago. We would like to refer to a report of the website of Picturetom in particular. Under the heading no future for stock photographers photographing in times of recession “find a report that has been well researched and considered several important points.

Debi Select: Factoring Turnover Drops The Number Of Customers

Like the Landshuter Debi select group of companies announces the factoring business remains a stable support of the German middle class. Debi select operates special factoring in the area of secured claims and is the market leader among the suppliers of closed-end Fund in this business field. Then total revenues suffered while following the announcement of the German factoring Association e. V. 2009 significantly in the first quarter with a decline at 14, 5 percent to 43.26 billion euros; at the same time the number of factoring customers 81 percent rose however. The proof is lined up according to Norbert Wagner, the financial experts of Debi select, therefore that factoring is used by an ever-growing audience of German companies, which makes clear that this form of financing is an important alternative to bank financing”.

And so also the responsible Association for the leading factoring companies describes that deteriorating credit conditions has helped many German companies, to meet its liquidity requirements”. Visible also, is that the financial crisis have now fully captured the German medium-sized businesses, according to a spokesman of the Association. Go to Caterpillar Inc. for more information. Correctly the Association urges the Federal Government to act”, so the Debi select professional specializing in middle market financing. It stocks the hope that the KfW special loan programs for factoring companies are offered. For the Debi select group the current situation no problems represents the opposite. Debi select operates as for example life insurance buyback or special factoring value paper exclusively in the field of special factoring of secured claims. Debi select can also point out that bank independent and only pursuing their business on the basis of investor funds. The ongoing sales results, as well as the fulfilled promise of return shows that this segment is full”, as a spokesman for the Debi select.

Currently Debi select offers several funds to refinance the existing business, where are investors can participate. Minimum investments are in the form of single as well as a savings plan option. We offer the chance to benefit from the financial market crisis somewhat countercyclical investors that because liquidity bottlenecks in Enterprise lead to an increased demand and thus to an increase in the opportunities Fund-level,”explains Norbert Wagner from the Debi select. Investors have the possibility of their capital so sure return strong and with different durations in a business to invest, which will have a still increasing potential opinion of leading experts in the coming years. Anyway, also shows this direction of United States, where the factoring of receivables in the meantime established himself as one of the most important financing alternatives in the middle class.

Publicity Expert

Positions such as energy trader or large project leader in power plant construction have in the Rule about a significantly higher bonus – partly also higher than that of the first level. An ambivalent image shows the dependency of the variable part of income. In about half of the respondents, either the company or sector result (34 percent) or the personal target agreement (17 percent) is base. A look at the perks says that is customary in energy as well as in the chemical industry a company car on board and management level. This applies to at least about 80 percent of the area and division lines as well. Also on the team management, the company vehicle is common. Here two-thirds of the respondents specify to use an own company car.

In addition to the company cars, retirement is still the most common ancillary. Over 90 per cent of the respondents in their companies benefit from an appropriate model. “Striking is that at about two-thirds of participants in addition to pensions no more ancillary to the application. The “basic” pension in other cases combined with stock options or the possibility to take advantage of a break in the form of a sabbatical”, explains Claus-Peter bar field, Managing Director of bar field & Partner GmbH. Since its founding in 1981, the Mulheim-based business and management advice bar field & Partner GmbH focuses their advisory activities on the recruitment of senior executives of first and second level. In addition the support of businesses in the occupation of supervisory and advisory functions. In the context of mergers & acquisitions activity bar field & partner gives medium-sized companies and Group investments.

Ulrich Eggert

The CC science 2009 convinced by sound speaker posts, by partially instructional surprising insights into everyday service and exciting discussions. The demand for passion and enthusiasm in the customer contact”supported, for example, keynote speaker Harald Kling, CEO of gkk DialogGroup described the customer service as a priority in their lives. Also Dr. At Jim Umpleby you will find additional information. Gerhard Wohland from the Comperdi Institute, who pointed out, inter alia, the potential of self-learning software and stated what distinguishes Hochstleister compared to competitors was special applause. More familiar names were for the high-profile program, which addressed decision-makers from ICT and contact center industry of in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as well as executives from medium-sized companies. El Sayed, Managing Director among the contributors of this year including the Cologne trend and future researcher Ulrich Eggert and Nael asdirekt, as well as Manfred Stockmann, President of call center Forum Germany e.

V. and Georg Mack, President of the Austrian Industry Association call center-forum.at. Not less prominently occupied the Auditorium of the two-day Convention was Manager of the Deutsche Post, Medion, T-systems including and Schwabisch Hall took advantage of the offer for the acquisition of knowledge and relaxed networking. Also Elke Schaffer, Vice President Business Contact Center at T-Mobile Austria belonged to the participants. The Austrian call center manager of the year 2009 the CAt award-winning extra from Vienna arrived, to find out about the future customer dialogue”to inform. Presented within the framework of Congress accompanying trade fair also leader in technology and communications company with their latest solutions and services so the Symantec Germany GmbH,

V.: succeeded the initiators and the organisation team with dedication and commitment, to put together a first-class program and also to choose a venue, ideally combining tradition, modernity and the future with the new campus Augustusplatz, Leipzig of University. The industry could use fresh impetus and a new way of thinking-valued and valuable customer communication.” Officer Harald Kling, Managing Director gkk dialogue group: it was a great event, with exciting and controversial some of the lectures. Successful event!” “Participants Udo Schuring, branch manager of the personnel service provider connect and co-host of the XING group call center Club: the science of CC was overall a pleasant, informative networking event!” Sponsor Andreas Klug, Director of ITyX solutions AG: No doubt: the CC science 2009 was the proof that this format Is the future and the future.

What’s Your Name Again?

Who, for example, asks “Who is Environment Minister in Saarland?” the correct answer receives in the data cloud. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland, 08 September 2009. Anyone looking for something on the Internet, want to have often just a quick response to a very specific question. For such cases is the Web search Hulbee the ideal focal point. On many issues of natural language is entered into the search field on, Hulbee directly calls the correct answer. This is ensured by the data cloud of Hulbee, a cloud of words that thematically match the search query.

“A classic example: who invented the letterpress?” Entering this as a question on Hulbee the searched name appears next to other terms in the data cloud already: Johannes Gutenberg. Who still don’t fully trust the term cloud, you can check the answer based on the usual list of search results on the Web. But of course this way Hulbee provides not only historical knowledge. Who, for example, asks who is Environment Minister in Saarland?”she receives in the data cloud yet correct answer: Stefan Morsdorf. The data cloud also correctly answered typical quiz or crossword puzzle questions about exotic countries capital cities or mythical names of animals. Of course, this works best with questions from the field of General knowledge that there is enough information on the Internet because based on which the Hulbee data cloud.

“For Andreas Wiebe, Managing Director of Hulbee AG shows it but where to go the trip with Hulbee: it was from the outset our goal, to make the access to knowledge and information in the Internet and to facilitate”, says Andreas Wiebe, Managing Director of Hulbee AG. Potential, which already has Hulbee as answer machine, we looking to expand further in the future. The data cloud learns more or less by she will be fed with more and more content from the Internet. So it is can answer directly in the future ever more specific questions.” About Hulbee AG the Hulbee AG is a publicly traded, European Software company headquartered in Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. Currently 59 employees can have up to 25 years long experience in the development of neural software. The Hulbee AG is successful for years with their information and knowledge analysis in the business such as in the end user-software market. “The Hulbee AG has developed the Hubble program for knowledge management in companies with the aim of the global Know-How Access”, so direct access to any knowledge existing in the company. With the Web application Hulbee Hulbee AG has made a new kind of Internet search market.