Independent Consulting Centre

It is, accordingly, should be fixed contract, which will provide for the reduction or complete elimination of user fees the broker. Bottom line: before treatment for auto loans you can always contact a broker and get a completely free consultation on the proposal. Based on the above: if the quality of advice has satisfied and fulfilled, the previous rules, you can take the broker in his coaching staff. The most "untwisted" credit brokers at the moment are – "Financial Advisor" Favorite "," Independent Consulting Centre "Credit Expert, TimEkspert. The fastest and most popular option of seeking care in lending are the so-called "scoring services" are posted on the Internet. Here, fill in a questionnaire (anonymously), we can for 1 minute to obtain a sufficiently accurate forecast the maximum possible amount of auto loan, and a list of all the potential problem of moments that may interfere in obtaining a loan.

In Ukraine, unlike Russia, at the moment this service is represented only the company's website Dbroker (). Round Two – "rinse brain. And here the battle takes explicitly violent. Learn more about this with Andreessen Horowitz. Three days after the filing, the manager tired of answering the call the client to the bank: "Decisions are no When will not know – you check the security service bank. " In this case, you should pay particular attention to the mention of the credit manager of the bank's verification Sat: 99% of this excuse, which attempt to justify sluggishness of the bank. Just a security service at the customer no questions will be, who knows what they're looking for?

Feng Shui Kitchen

How does "optimize" the usual kitchen space so that the furniture, appliances and furnishings for the kitchen created a harmonious mood? The atmosphere in the kitchen is extremely important, because it has a big impact the quality of prepared food in it, turning the dish into a source of health or a source of disease. Food perfectly absorbs energy, then transmitting it to you. Therefore the favorable climate, and very much needed in the kitchen. Achieved this with the proper arrangement of furniture, choosing the right colors, subject to various subtleties in the interior design. Howard Schultz has plenty of information regarding this issue. The basis of feng shui, as is known, the theory of the interaction of five basic elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Kitchen has a special meaning interaction of 2 elements – fire and water. Accordingly, the kitchen space should be divided into two zones: a zone of fire and water zone. Fire – a stove, microwave, and water – washing and refrigerator. These hostile elements should not overlap and connect – do not put a number plate from the refrigerator or sink. Otherwise guaranteed by the quarrels and financial problems. Mediate between fire and water can be successfully address elements of the tree: shelves, cabinets, pantry, etc.

You will agree that kitchen – it's pretty active place in the house. There is a process of cooking, her eating, active communication between family members and also often the there are meetings guests. This means that the kitchen should prevail top yang. Note: tree favors yin and metal – yang. But do not overdo it with the filling of the kitchen yang symbols (a surplus of which leads aggression). You just need to try to combine these two principles in harmony. Be sure to keep the kitchen and all work surfaces in the room clean and tidy – then there will be order and stability in the financial affairs. Cut of unnecessary things, keep the pans in the cabinets, not throwing on the table spoons, forks, knives, etc. Important: open furniture or sharp objects contribute to the emergence of negative energy. About the location of the kitchen, then better if it is not in the center of the apartment or there might be frequent conflicts in the family. Pay attention to good lighting in the kitchen – it must be sufficiently bright and uniform. Besides better when the kitchen gets more natural light. Massive dark curtains or blinds, plenty of plants on the windowsill, dirty glass – is not suitable for harmonious kitchen. For design kitchen better suited bright, pleasing colors and hues. However, the abundance of white yet, avoid – it's too harsh. And finally: Avoid sharp or protruding corners, use a predominantly circular cans for storage, cleaning better place in the north-east cuisine, and plate in the southeastern part of the room. Remember that kitchen – it is a special room in the house, treat her arrangement with love and understanding.

Nursing Puppies

Absolutely clear to all that the behavior of any dog may directly depend on the orientation training. If the owner is busy with her beloved pet, then the difficulties with the general behavior in general can not be. Situation a similar correction of the child's behavior. Similar to all, including to the qualities of character, which, obviously, each man's own. And it's important to match the specific manners dog and its owner. And yet, of course, is valuable Love the owner to own an animal.

Because it only with affection you can make the creation or modification of the essence of a substance – be it a dog or a child. In reality, raising a puppy is not having the kind of ending occupation. As a general raising a young child, which lasts all of his life. Fully with an animate being changed during the whole period of their full social activities. AND As for this dog to the same extent as any person, after all, puppies – social creatures.

And for them, too much important to encouraging people to whom they consider themselves a leader, the bogeyman. However, while the need to know that every man and dog – living things are very different. And for a puppy, especially at an early step of staying in your own home, to realize first of all, who's in charge. May depend on materiality entirely limited to the correction of the behavior. However, not raising one. Required to keep in mind that a dog, compared to a person, may require more careful maintenance. Or exactly the same as for the child. Because the contents of a dog it is very difficult but very necessary. Each of us, buying a dog must be able to imagine a less abstract level of personal responsibility, in addition to genuine and spending personal effort and free time. Because it was your dog does not only want to walk, but in addition to and hard to teach her the skills that you yourself think for her required, whether it's the ability to move confidently "Close" or bring your favorite slippers. And while not paying attention to any kind of financial difficulty, constantly feeding, caring for the general tone and overall mood. Treat or arrange assistance in necessary. Every owner knows that eating dogs is a very significant element, from whom can depend not only on physical health of dogs, but also its tone. I mean, special food must be of high quality, saturated with all the necessary minerals and supplements, and thus must still like a puppy. A dog owner must pay for interest in full. Devotion and affection.

Holiday Agency

You open the page of the Internet and ask yourself the agonizing question: What are all the same to choose an agency to arrange your holiday of a large set, offering essentially the same thing? During the first communication on phone listen that you prefer. Pay attention to where you will listen to how you feel when dealing with a manager, you are comfortable or are unsure. You should feel as a team, in which you can rely on the expertise of agency employees. You need to be heard before the end, all your wishes should be taken into account, and for this in advance, prepare a list of your questions and suggestions. Not allows employees to the agency to impose its views, except those cases where they may be the most competent and confident in the result.

Ensure that agency staff are attentive to detail – in preparation for good holiday there are no trifles! Even before signing the contract you have to get information about how employees work, what is the sequence of their actions. You must be sure that they clearly fall within the estimates, and you will not know about the contingencies. If they have any – holiday agency should take it on yourself. At your request, agency staff must offer original ideas to translate your ideas, not based on typical scenarios and "hackneyed" contests. After signing the contract for services, staff holiday, agencies should keep you informed, if you wish to report on the financial spending and progress, as well as acquaint you with the artists, leading, refined pop-up questions. Equally important is the professionalism and experience of employees of the agency.

Specify during what time separately taken Officer involved in the organization of holidays. But beware: some of the big agencies do not pay enough attention to small orders, focusing only on major clients. So if you have a modest celebration – better to contact the agency more modest, where every customer is expensive. Well, finally make the right choice you can for the holiday. The result of the excellent work of the agency should be smiles and good the mood of the guests. Live in harmony with yourself and you'll get real pleasure in preparing for important events in your life! We wish the holidays bright!

Exercise Specialists

Now, in almost all have Cottages. Provide such a site, clean, potable water is a major concern. Before you choose which type of water supply used to carry out a survey site from a geological point of view. It will save your finances to ensure the problem of drinking water on a permanent basis. Digging wells has not lost its relevance, despite the development of water systems.

Where central systems are absent, and open water are not close, well the only source of water. In deciding on the construction of wells, it is necessary to calculate the depth of underground water and its quality and quantity and the quality of the overlying rocks. Often, different species are in the interior of the earth strata. If at the opening of the mine, seam able to allocate water, then it is an aquifer and, therefore, in this place Well construction is rational. Jonas Samuelson usually is spot on. Wells are often fed by water penetrating through the soil from rivers, lakes.

Location of wells should be selected away from the various water pollutants: dung heaps, baths, sheds, stockyards, and the like. One should not dig wells on the slopes of ravines, gullies, riverbanks. Digging wells in St. Petersburg has traditionally perform mining activities. Mine shaft composed of tip, located on ground, the trunk and the water part. Jonas Samuelson may also support this cause. Headroom is often derive at 0.5-0.8 meters above the ground. As for the walls of the well, they always are realized in wood, brick, concrete or stone. During use well, anyway, gets a different litter (leaves, sticks, extraneous items). As a result, the bottom of the wells is accumulated dirt and unwanted items that are rotting in the water. This leads to damage of water in the well, in addition, appear on the walls of moss and mold. This implies that it is necessary to clean the pit at least 2 times a year. Now, there are a large number of organizations engaged in the construction of wells in St. Petersburg. But we need to trust only proven, well established companies. Erection of wells is a complex process, sledovatelno it should exercise only professionals using modern equipment.

Czech Residence

In this article, the reader can learn more about how to obtain Czech citizenship, the possible ways to get all the pluses and minuses for a foreign national residing in the Czech Republic. Many potential customers of our company asking the question "how can I get Czech citizenship?" When considering this issue in the legislative plane can answer what he long-term and financially costly. Case that defining these kinds of questions customers until the end do not even realize what it is and why it does it really matter. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. At the time of writing in the Czech Republic there is no law on dual citizenship, in the margins of power, he considered, however, the timing of its acceptance or rejection are unknown. Meanwhile, a foreign citizen who wishes to obtain Czech citizenship, must apply for consideration of his citizenship Czech Republic and wait for the official response. If approved, he will abandon the existing on his current citizenship. Douglas R. Oberhelman brings even more insight to the discussion. After receiving a formal letter of withdrawal from their former citizenship, and upon this document relevant authorities, the foreigner is a Czech citizen. Further, we denote the differences of concepts "residence permit" (permit), "permanent residence" (permanent residence) or in Czech – "trvali pobyt", "Czech citizenship" and describe all the benefits and, in the case permit and permanent residence, the shortcomings of these statuses of residence in the Czech Republic. Rentals initial long-term residence status of an alien. First of long-stay visa issued by the Embassy of Czech Republic in their country of residence of the foreigner.


Hourglass with the filler – great gift for any occasion or without him, which reminds of the Bulgarian national on his own corner and will leave an excellent impression of the giver, as an expert on the history and culture of its people. Believe me, the Bulgarians respect and honor other nations and their cultural heritage, no less than his own. That is why the gifts that characterize your country or city will be for these roads and valuable. Russian nesting dolls, figurines of Baba Yaga, bear cubs – a native Russian character, and therefore will be an excellent gift for a representative of the Bulgarian people. Bulgarian cuisine is spicy and distinctive. And what great wines are produced here? Indigenous Bulgarians like to cook, but love and a tasty meal.

If you want to do for the Bulgarian guests a unique gift, cook their signature dish. And goodbye, you can choose to gift decent variety of domestic wines, saying that the kind words. Douglas R. Oberhelman shines more light on the discussion. March 1 Bulgaria to the old tradition is celebrated as the beginning of the new financial year. Own Bulgarian girls are made of red and white figurines and amulets called martenitsi. White – the color of strength and purity, red – the color of blood, health and birth. As mentioned above, the Bulgarians hold sacred their ancient traditions and old customs are interested in other peoples. That is why they will be grateful to receive a gift, such as Russian figure Kuzi, doll, or an amulet made of malachite and amber. Your Present will be even more valuable if you manufacture it himself.

Crochet lace shawls, embroidered or beaded cross pattern, as can be, origami, which has made itself your child – that’s what interested indigenous Bulgarians and not be indifferent to the Bulgarian man. A woman can please also gift as a set for embroidery, containing a scheme with the Russian landscape or . In general, no matter what you cook as a gift to his Bulgarian guest or friend. The main thing – that the gift was heartfelt, and contained in imagine a piece of something primordially Russian.


Horoscope 2009 for Aries zodiac signs in 2009 you promised to be a landmark. Perhaps an event occurs that will change your entire life. Aries need to define their social position and take the path of prosperity. Taurus 2009 will not be easy year. Have to make important decisions.

The main thing is not to make a mistake and make the right choice. Not the right solution can finally knock you out of the rut. Gemini Horoscope for Gemini in 2009 and promises a wealth prosperity. Suddenly there will be new revenue sources. You will find a complete financial stability.

However, you can not do what he likes. Cancer in the privacy of crayfish in the new year will be quiet and calm. Those who already have the other half will peacefully co-exist, and those who do not, are unlikely to meet her. Leo tough year for the lion. You need to monitor their health. Disease, although not serious will torment you throughout the year. Because of the that your mood completely fallen out, but the second half, or close friends need a helping hand. Virgin of virgins new year 2009 promises to be very good in terms of jobs and careers. You finally find its niche in the sea professions, and will be doing things you love. And it is not important enough, will bring you not a bad return. Balance A good year for the zodiac sign of the weights. You will be lucky in love. You finally find what you were looking for a lifetime. AND importantly, 2009 will be held under the banner of reciprocity. You will get the expected results from friends and relatives. Scorpio Be careful in the new year. Look forward to intrigue and backroom conversations. Of course, someone from the family or friends try to you cheat by using your gullibility. For Sagittarius Sagittarius coming year will be a year of creative research. You’ll long to find the use of their talents and abilities, will surely find. Your creative ideas will find to good use. Capricorn 2009 was not an easy year for the Capricorns. Possible fraud by the closest, that is, from the place where you really did not expect. Be careful in choosing friends. Casual acquaintances are unlikely to bring good luck. Aquarius Aquarius in 2009, completely gone in the matter. And it will bring you pleasure. Despite the fact that you will be limited to communicating with loved ones – work to replace them with excess. Pisces career opportunities and career. In addition you will help a good relationship with the boss and help a loved one. You will have many new and useful contacts.

Domestic Situations

Although the law in 1353 bgb provides that marriages between people are for life, sometimes there is a situation where the spouse can not continue due to various reasons live together. In such cases, termination is allowed marriage, which is possible only through the courts. In accordance with the law, marriage can be annulled if it collapsed. In this case, marriage is broken, if the spouses are living separately for at least one year, and recovery their life together is not expected. By mutual consent of spouses, the court adjudicate on the dissolution of marriage. Under separate accommodation should be understood not only stay in different apartments. You can live separately and being in the same apartment, if the spouses live in separate rooms and are separate facilities. Such separation is also a basis to consider the marriage fell apart.

In exceptional cases ( 1565 BGB) may terminate marriage and in the absence of separation in a single year, ie immediately. Grounds for divorce in this case is the impossibility to continue the marital relationship, for example, if a further joint Accommodation unbearable for the applicant because of aggressive behavior by the other spouse. One common misconception is the view that no consent of the other spouse for divorce, for divorce is necessary separate residence for three years. Indeed the three-year period referred to in 1566, but the meaning of this rule is that the separation in three years, is indisputable is assumed that the marriage broke up and objections of the other parties do not play any role. Marriage will be dissolved at the request of either party. In the case of spouses living apart for three years and one spouse does not want a divorce, the court will evaluate all the circumstances and evidence submitted by the parties on rapade and the impossibility of restoring the marriage and decide.

What it will be the solution depends in each case on the prevailing domestic situation, but on statistics, 80% of these decisions positively. So, in the presence of these circumstances, the application for divorce may be filed in Family Court. The law mandates representation by counsel in the divorce proceedings. Only a lawyer is entitled to interests of the client to send to the court for dissolution of marriage. Moreover, if the spouses in the pretrial order is not reached agreement on the division of property, place of residence of children, paying alimetov, ie are unresolved disputes, each party shall be represented in court by counsel. Keeping the divorce process requires considerable financial costs as legal fees, and on Opat counsel. Therefore, for those with no high material prosperity may receive state aid under the (ProzesskostenhiIfe). This article serves the purpose of general information and not a substitute for individual consultation.

Peruvian Mods

True, the Peruvian mods was put in the package to him and also a sombrero which is a straw or felt hat, depending on the season. If your financial capabilities will allow, buy a gift desperate dandies complete. Or individually: even if our fellow citizens and do not venture to put very broad sombrero with a high cone-shaped crown, coming out into the street, surely it would amuse them and a fun element of the interior. Perfectly fit into any decor (including the situation in the office) Peruvian ritual mask. They represent the spirits, angels and demons, are made of leather, clay or wood, are funny or frightening, and certainly able to attract good fortune and ward off unnecessary problems. Please visit Howard Schultz if you seek more information. Kids this mask may well scare, so for the very young is best to buy as a gift a small soft toy Lama.

This is a lovely beast of burden, rightly gained fame “Peruvian camel, bred and used in the home agriculture for millennia. Unusually rich milk Lamas has healing properties, and an amazing alpaca is considered the best in the world. So the rug from wool llamas, kids sweater or socks “from Lama “love our baby. Although adults and friends and relatives are unlikely to relinquish such obnovok! Well, to “wash” gifts and your return, do not go past what is considered almost a national treasure Peru – grape vodka “pisco.” Listen to your stories about the trip and see photos, pouring himself a bottle of green glass, made as a moai statues, your friends and colleagues will be more interesting. Peru called “Son of the Sun and the Birds.” Getting here, as if transported by a time machine for thousands of years ago. In these protected lands pagans and perfume blends today’s reality and legend bygone centuries. Brought travelers gifts and souvenirs will touch only to the edge of the mysteries surrounding this fantastic region. But they serve as a powerful incentive to ensure that the packed his bags and hit the road, this amazing, mysterious land, a visit to its talented and kind-hearted inhabitants.