Luxury Bar

These days, a bar – it is a thing of prime necessity, not a luxury. Bar counter demonstrate that its owners can not only work well, but a good rest, it is able to decorate any kitchen or living room. Recently Yves Bissouma sought to clarify these questions. Bar counter in the interior will add an element of lightness and fun, and hence makes the situation in the room much more interesting. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jenna Fischer. In turn, bars, intended for public places, are becoming increasingly popular not only in Europe but here in Russia. Without breakfast bar is impossible today to imagine any kind was a nightclub.

Stand for the bar – this is where it all begins the fun, then you can not just drink cocktail party, but to make new acquaintances. Already today a number of designs bar racks for clubs and cafes reached an incredible level. You can buy the bar entirely made of any material from a futuristic plastic and plexiglass to the usual wood, not to mention the colors and shapes. Naturally, we should not forget that the bar is easy to use as a small kiosk that is located on the street or in the supermarket. Original design able to turn the bar into an important and interesting object of the city. We must not forget that when planning a bar counter design creativity is not limited to absolutely nothing, it turns out, if you sell wine or beer, you can order the bar in the style of wooden barrels, or implement a rack in the form of some of your products. Interesting and stylish bar will increase the profit on sales, as should attract new customers to your product. Production of the bar counter is no longer an industrial monotonous, nowadays designers can design for you an unusual bar counter, which will be emphasize the favorable side of your product and highlight your company policies. If you position yourself as a producer of entertainment products, choose a bright fun bar counter, but if you are a solid organization dedicated to the banking system or, say, the insurance, you will probably fit a bar a classic look in severe tones. Be that as it may, the number of projects bar counters in our time is so great that you probably will pick something to taste.


Huge selection of bathroom furniture, which was now in the shops, can be divided into some groups of furniture with similar consumer characteristics. The most important determinant of the division is, by itself, set price. The cost of the product depends on the quality of furniture and accessories. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Elman. Where you intend to buy a set of bathroom furniture, consisting of a cabinet with sink and mirror, the value of 6 up to 10 thousand, you will not have much anguish, "what do you choose?" as a budget option for furniture is not particularly distinguished by variety and quality of materials used in manufacturing. The main advantage of inexpensive bathroom furniture is the price, so you should not harbor illusions and believe in commercials that you purchase a product is "very high quality." Furniture of this quality can be found in the so-called "bazaars" and "Sales." If your budget allows you to buy bathroom furniture worth more than 20 000 per set, you can pay close attention to furniture design and functionality of the products offered. Bright representative of the furniture is furniture that level of Russian companies Aquaton producing high quality products and avant-garde resheniya.Mebel, produced by Aquaton, is an organic combination of price and quality and satisfy the refined tastes of the customers and their financial vozmozhnostyam.Samoy difficult to choose the best price / quality ratio is the purchase of furniture in the bathroom in the middle price range, ie from 11 to 24 thousand rubles for a set of furniture.

Feng Shui Kitchen

How does "optimize" the usual kitchen space so that the furniture, appliances and furnishings for the kitchen created a harmonious mood? The atmosphere in the kitchen is extremely important, because it has a big impact the quality of prepared food in it, turning the dish into a source of health or a source of disease. Food perfectly absorbs energy, then transmitting it to you. Therefore the favorable climate, and very much needed in the kitchen. Achieved this with the proper arrangement of furniture, choosing the right colors, subject to various subtleties in the interior design. Howard Schultz has plenty of information regarding this issue. The basis of feng shui, as is known, the theory of the interaction of five basic elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Kitchen has a special meaning interaction of 2 elements – fire and water. Accordingly, the kitchen space should be divided into two zones: a zone of fire and water zone. Fire – a stove, microwave, and water – washing and refrigerator. These hostile elements should not overlap and connect – do not put a number plate from the refrigerator or sink. Otherwise guaranteed by the quarrels and financial problems. Mediate between fire and water can be successfully address elements of the tree: shelves, cabinets, pantry, etc.

You will agree that kitchen – it's pretty active place in the house. There is a process of cooking, her eating, active communication between family members and also often the there are meetings guests. This means that the kitchen should prevail top yang. Note: tree favors yin and metal – yang. But do not overdo it with the filling of the kitchen yang symbols (a surplus of which leads aggression). You just need to try to combine these two principles in harmony. Be sure to keep the kitchen and all work surfaces in the room clean and tidy – then there will be order and stability in the financial affairs. Cut of unnecessary things, keep the pans in the cabinets, not throwing on the table spoons, forks, knives, etc. Important: open furniture or sharp objects contribute to the emergence of negative energy. About the location of the kitchen, then better if it is not in the center of the apartment or there might be frequent conflicts in the family. Pay attention to good lighting in the kitchen – it must be sufficiently bright and uniform. Besides better when the kitchen gets more natural light. Massive dark curtains or blinds, plenty of plants on the windowsill, dirty glass – is not suitable for harmonious kitchen. For design kitchen better suited bright, pleasing colors and hues. However, the abundance of white yet, avoid – it's too harsh. And finally: Avoid sharp or protruding corners, use a predominantly circular cans for storage, cleaning better place in the north-east cuisine, and plate in the southeastern part of the room. Remember that kitchen – it is a special room in the house, treat her arrangement with love and understanding.