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Interpol believes that the airlines and the airline industry remain the primary objective of the terrorists. They complain that is not controlled one of every two arrivals on international flights and that the terrorists used passports fraudulently. Al-Qaida and related groups continue to be the greatest threat to the security of the world, despite the recent death of the leader of the terrorist network, Osama bin Laden, according to the opinion of the Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald Noble. Even before that Bin Laden was captured and killed, the greatest threat was not only to Al-Qaeda, but affiliated terrorist groups Al-Qaida around the world, has declared, and has not hesitated to speak of this fact as the biggest threat now, as it was before his death. Noble says aircraft and other means of transport are suffering an especially high risk. Noble has made these statements at the general Assembly of the Association International of air transport (IATA), organized in Singapore. The airlines and the airline industry continues remain a priority objective for the terrorists, but we have seen intelligence reports, among other things, that they are also focusing on mass transit, but airlines remain a special target, you have specified. Noble emphasis in which the terrorists used passports fraudulently to travel undetected.

So critical that many countries do not check the numbers of passports from the passengers with a database of documentation loss. One of every two arrivals on international flights is not being supervised. Thats almost 500 billion each year, he warns. Of 490,000 passports inspected in 2010 million, 40,000 were as lost or stolen. Interpol has data from 16 million passports lost and 12 million missing identity documentation. Noble believes that each country should obtain all information that can be non-nationals arriving in its territory. Source of the news: Al Qaeda and allied groups remain the main threat to security, according to Interpol