Automatic Irrigation

Even at school, of course in general biology, we know that all living organisms for normal growth and prosperity requires moisture, and plants for the most part, are no exception. Plant maintenance optimal water balance is simply vital. Therefore, many vacationers most of the time spent at his country estate, invest in irrigation, trying to literally "fill" area, as they say, that the moisture enough before the next weekend. However, they have no idea that flooding the soil, causing even greater harm to their favorite plants. Proper watering of plants – is a science and understand its not given to everyone, especially since this takes spend a lot of precious time. In this situation, the owners of suburban areas are beginning to think seriously about installing automatic watering system, which provides rules for each watering absolutely garden plants. However, even when irrigated with automatic irrigation system appropriate to follow some basic rules watering plants. 1.

Watering is desirable to produce early in the morning when the sun is still has not risen high, or late at night, when the sultry heat has receded and came to the evening coolness. In no case can water the plants under the scorching sun. So watering can cause irreparable harm to plants, leaves which, under the influence of focused water droplets midday sun can just burn up. With automatic watering start watering the plants can be set at a time that is convenient to you and which do not interfere with your rest.