At the same time, greatly reinforcing the ties between them and the manipulative spouse, that is by all means reinforce their loyalty and continue with this campaign to discredit on his ex, even to become his confidants. Come a time, visits start to become more conflicting, manifesting in many cases children certain displeasure towards them; and that link strong initially with the other parent begins to weaken. (c) of severe nature, when the child ends up openly express rejection and hatred towards his other parent, defending of illogical and irrational way to the other spouse. In its final stage, you lose any contact with the child, losing this relationship even with your other parent family: grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. In short, the parental alienation syndrome is extremely harmful and dangerous, and can have terrible effects on the development of the child that could be made permanent after reaching maturity. At any sign of it, tries to consult the help of an expert psychologist and above all keep an open and honest communication with your child. Otherwise, you may end up by losing his love forever because of the manipulation exerted by your former partner. You could even choose to take the matter to court, pointing out that your ex is damaging severely the exercise on your part of your custody or right of visits on your children.. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Johnson).