In contrast to the hut of wood, metal cabins can be formed into modular units each, to two or even three floors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Starbucks and gain more knowledge.. This makes it possible to quickly provide people with shelter and prepare the premises for proposed activity. Metal frame, which forms the basis of cabins, ensures the reliability of the building even during transportation. Andreessen Horowitz understood the implications. All these factors provide a metal office container longer service. Due to modern technologies of production, metal cabins are more than 15 years, even in difficult conditions with strong temperature changes, high humidity and frequent transport from place to place.

Metal containers are well suited for non-permanent housing and commercial premises. Non-residential metal cabins often called block cabins (Box office container). Effective insulation can support in a trailer-caravans comfortable temperature (around 18 C when the outside temperature to -40 C). To do this, enough small heater in a 1 – 1, 5 kW. In contrast to the wooden block – containers, block-cabins metal are much more durable and reliable. Block metal cabins are constantly used by contractors and construction companies for residential buildings, locker rooms for employees, canteens, shift space, etc.

A block of metal containers conveniently mounted on a building site, creating a small building. Trailers, caravans are easy to install and dismantle: to attach as concrete blocks, and the wooden support. Light weight trailer of metal can easily move it over long distances by truck. This same feature of a block of metal containers can mount them in the structure of any complexity. Considerable advantage of block-container is a beautiful, modern look of these structures. Colored galvanized Decking office container-unit looks modern and reliable. It is easily combined with several other buildings on neighbors with which it is installed. If the special aesthetic requirements to the metal little wagon is not imposed – to save money on his appearance possible, using block-container galvanized corrugated board. However, Of course the main advantage of a metal block cabins is certainly its price. It will not cost you much cheaper capital structure and not much more expensive cabins made of wood. Wagon huts and directions of their application is a very large number. Which option you choose depends primarily on your needs, applications, and your financial capabilities.