Education Pupils

The inclusive school involves a reorganization process, with prominence the accessibility curricular architectural and, with guarantee of the substantive and unrestricted democratization to all the citizens of the innumerable educational and social chances. Some of the studies of the inclusion to leave the walls of the school and had reached the families and external communities, the challenges of the management in the schools, inclusive are new the educational paradigms, in differentiated conceptions of education and learning, in human and educational values, politicians of financings, in projects pedagogical politicians in teaching qualification. Although the integrativa school tries to receive the difference, it is far from practical values and that they carry out the inclusion. The school all starts to be to all ' ' e' ' for each one. Its goal is the oferecimento of an education of high quality, that guarantees the success of the totality of the pupils and that it is adjusted. The education is not linear and dicotmica, product of an investment, a process constructed during the life all and of responsibility partilhada between school, family and the society.

Being ethical standard of behavior and relationship, I dialogue on the basis of it and in the search of the understanding between the people. Collated with diverse and different populations, the school passed not to be capable to fulfill with its function of guarantee of the learning for all the pupils, a time that is not prepared to answer the heterogeneidade. Beyond necessary of bigger resources inside being able of itself all the pupils who have, right of is there, without any discrimination, and free of barriers the participation. She is necessary to improve the international, national and regional politics of financing for the support the special education. That it assures the national priorities and politics that objectify to reach the education. The good manager is an entrepreneur social, capable to motivate the professors, the family and the community, establishing partnership.