English Account

And, of course, my very first account was opened in the bank at 0%, which also starred a monthly fee for a score. A year later, having studied English and the local banking market, I found a bank in Ireland with the greatest rates on deposits, which I was very pleased. In my family it was not accepted to discuss the question of money. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my wealthy husband keeps the money from the deposit rate at 0.1% apr! rate in my bank at that time was 4.5% per annum. Howard Schultz is a great source of information. Then it’s time to surprise my husband: ‘Maybe there are some limitations, can account only for companies or for Individuals with high income, or something else? ” .

No, Just go and Perform their money to another bank! Moreover, after a couple of months, he discovered that his mother folded money within 20 years at the bank with the lowest interest payments (ie, during the whole period of the bank to raise rates, but nobody was interested in this, and therefore the bank did not change the default rates according to this account). Shocking things open when talking with your friends. So my good friend who works at one of the Irish banks, advised me to put money in their bank in a deposit account at 3.5% apr. But I knew that this same bank has a compelling interest on current account: 7%. I shared this discovery with my friend.

She looked at me in amazement and said: ‘Yes, yes, but the bank pays the fantastic interest only to the first 2000 euros. ” ‘So open 10 accounts at the same bank and the woman have 7% per annum instead of three with half ‘, I replied. My friend began to assure me that this is illegal and dangerous, but I already had a couple of accounts in the bank than one year:) The whole point of my story – do not keep money under the pillow. Money – they are out and the money that would work!