Financially Savvy Individual

The image of the financially savvy person (way of thinking, the motives driving them prepare themselves for success), the goal and objectives (not the theory and practice goal-setting) The business lines (the best choice for you manipulated by way of finance) 'You can not think of the thousands and make millions! " Many people think, "Here I had a million (and it does not matter rubles or dollars), so then I would … ' But in fact, only 1 in 100 is able to save, million to increase, rather than squandered it and live with comfortably. Such people are called financial literacy. The 1 percent of such people is still optimistic assessment. Sometimes people say that to them the money 'stick', and destined to etc., but this approach is not for us, not for you! Let us explain in more detail.

Financial literacy is not the ability to make money, but the ability to preserve and enhance existing ones. This man did not significantly limits of its consumption. He understands that the restriction of only 10 rubles today will give $ 100 in income over time. Problems of the people that they think too narrowly, and believe that to make a contribution to the bank at 10% per annum and is is the aerobatics, and divided into multiple banks contribution is in excess of the measure. No, it's certainly not the case. Financial literacy is the ability to convert all your money in passive income (note the passive, otherwise If it is already becoming a business). And no matter what amount and for how long, the main thing: Money is always and everywhere to make money! More Money Make More Money! Less Money Makes Less Money, But Makes anytime, anywhere! Each successful people understand this for themselves, understand and remember it forever. Maybe some do not even figured formulating a clear idea, expressing it in words, but easy to use, they feel it and understand it.