For Donnelly

Playing well its social role, customers will become fidiciary offices of the corporation. Faithful customer relieves more customers and consequentemente the prescription increases. That is, company operating citizen and in the society, invoice more than its competitor who does not make it. For Donnelly, Gibsob and Ivancevich (2000) many companies already opt to assuming its responsibilities readily stop with the customers, answering to the claims supplying complete and accurate information on the commercialized products, implementing absolutely true campaigns of advertising how much to the performance of the product and assumeing an active role in the development of products that customers concerns of and partner answer to the social. Currently it is common that each company executes its social paper making with that the ambient impacts are lesser to each day. With passing of the time, the companies act each time more socially voluntarily. The scene of ' ' obrigaes' ' it was left of side and it gave place what we call ' ' voluntariado' '.

If all the companies obtained to enxergar what in fact support represents, the world it would not be the same. The company is what it says to be. That is, in some place she must be written what it makes, what it represents in the society and what it generates. But for this, research is made with customers, collaborators and suppliers. It is through its pointers that they obtain to measure the index of satisfaction of same in relation it. This already among others comes functioning with index of satisfaction of customers, of deliveries of suppliers, conditions of granted structure the collaborator.

It would not be different with what it says respect to the subject social responsibility. Everything that the company makes, is kept in document form. so that it is measured and analyzed the result of the social actions of the company, enters the pointers to analyze the social responsibility of each organization.