Inner Motivation

"What is intrinsic motivation and why we need it?" I would like to begin to explain what is intrinsic motivation, and then go to question its necessity or uselessness. Intrinsic motivation, if you look for words, is our inner motive, so that we do many deeds in our lives. A leading source for info: Douglas Oberhelman. It should be an example to better understand what is meant. Here you have a goal – to go to Garvordvyyti marry a foreigner go to India for permanent residence, etc., is one of your goals to which you aspire, and your inner motivation, is what feeds you and gives you the strength to go on to the target. Such motivation is usually occurs in people under the influence of some events in his life or influenced by any individual. Personally I have always loved to photograph various castles, houses, beautiful and unusual scenery, but knew that something was missing me, can lessons photography may newfangled camera, wanted more, but as for this to come – was unknown at the moment. But only so long until I met a wonderfully creative person, who have never studied photography, as well achieved excellent results on their own.

His photographs have won in competitions, auctions, printed on postcards and it was under his influence, I wanted to develop my little hobby. I bought a good camera, began to read different books, articles, participate in competitions on the weekends to wander around Moscow and look for interesting stories, enjoy the views, the nature of the metropolis. Whenever I was in the hands of the camera, I wanted to create masterpiece, but this, that my so-called teacher could be proud of me. That was my motivation – getting better, to enjoy herself and to please others with their creativity. But there are those moments in life when we is this inner impulse, we do not want anything and we do not want to anything.

This period can be called a loss of strength, laziness – as you like, but the essence is – there is no incentive to live, create, work, surprise, delight and possibly even love, love yourself, the world of another person … This was the case with each of us out of this emptiness, we can get ourselves only, we will take a little time out and then one day something will suddenly appear, and our interest desire, the so-called light, which will push us forward – it is our own motivation, which helps us to taste each day to live, grow and move on towards your dream, the cherished goal. Each She revived due to various things, events, occurrences: this is an interesting book, and a pleasant acquaintance, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and walk along the beach. .. Intrinsic motivation is very important for those who want not just to live, but to achieve something in this life, and how would you call this feeling burning inside lights, it should be a kind of spark in each of us, from which the flame gradually.