Internet Protocol

Cell phone users are so accustomed to paying high rates for international calls through its suppliers of cell phones that many people do not realize that it is possible to reprogram almost any mobile phone to make cheap international calls. No matter if you already are registered to the service of international calls from your cell phone or not provider, provider of international calling cards online lets you reprogram your mobile phone to make cheap calls via the VoIP network (Voice over Internet Protocol) Pingo. Pingo users can perform long distance calls without taxes through a computer, a landline or cell phone through an extensive network that covers hundreds of countries and is accessible through most brands of cell phones. Once registered for access to a global network of Pingo, users can reprogram their phones to save in the following ways: turn off international calls with expensive providers easily switch to cheap Pingo service for international calls Save up to 25 numbers for quick dialing including country codes and PIN numbers automatically directing international outgoing calls via the VoIP network of Pingo enjoy fast and clear, connections, saving valuable time and money autotopup option to list your cell number with Pingo as a phone recognized without PIN, cheap international calls with your cell phone can make without having to save or memorize country codes or PIN numbers. Another intelligent and economical application of Pingo is Pingo EZ Dial, which allows you to make low cost international calls directly from your list of contacts, calls or speed dial record without having to dial access numbers or PIN numbers.

EZ Dial works to automatically identify outgoing international calls and directs them through the global platform of Pingo. The Pingo EZ Dial is compatible with most models of phones including Blackberry; Windows Mobile; Nokia Symbian S60v3; and Palm phones. Pingo EZ Dial is currently offering its application as part of their services for any new customer who register now for your current promotional period minimum of $5.00. To see your rates without taxes for international calls and find out more about how to preset your cell phone for international calls cheap and economic visit.