Investment In Times Of Crisis

The different ways – a small selection of investment during the euro crisis is there any security? We have a euro crisis? What are the criteria for and apply to? How secure is the whole monetary Union at all? Questions that are only speculative to answer. It may be a majority opinion that paints a rosy picture for the future. But how important majority opinions? These are rarely caused by analysis. Enough examples to prove that one is the uncertainty of course quite sure. Concerning in particular in every respect and money. So what to do when fear is spreading to your savings? The good old gold and other precious metals are in demand again already for a long time. To times of crisis, it was always so. Some people had forgotten about it. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter.

Precious metals seem to particularly well suited to an investment in bad times. Accordingly, the course has developed lately. A decision however hard a gold price to the 1400 US dollars. Naturally, no one knows where courses go in the future. And certainly not the many novices and Ahnunghaber, who live by uncertainty. On the other hand, marketable money evaporates at the moment really.

Because interest rates for short time investments such as money or deposit with a short term yield less than the rate of inflation. And the banks? Interesting in this context also the offers of banks. Are suddenly better-yielding investment opportunities in times of the expectation of rising interest rates. To adjust at least the current inflation value. But where does the inflation yet? In increasing the money supply M3 in the face of economic crisis and bank failures, central banks in Europe and the United States are currently world champions. The crux of assets with higher interest rates: Maturities of at least one year and often much longer investors in buying must take…