Malik Hebbat

This huge hunger for raw materials and the enormous economic growth led the good State men also about unfair market practices, by one artificial courses keeps and thus gives you a clear competitive advantage. It cannot serve the Federal Republic of Germany, but must deliver probably in the next decades of political favors and please positions provided better developed countries or even emerging markets themselves, order close to unit the market volume of China’s. The emerging markets and developing countries are largely Chinese-oriented, since they occur here as well as a benefactor. They build roads, jobs and create new industrial structures in the various countries, and that all without perceived rewards, as economists or politicians know, is a fallacy. The great Chinese Empire expands and is welcomed with open arms.

But the little Germany can only go along with and must be justified and partially hide. To keep our wealth so it will be inevitable to take China to the partners and thus to prevent the emigration of German companies, or to admit even the immigration of Chinese companies. The effect on the Labour market us now clearly ahead of the feet. There in Germany only little movement after down in the unemployment rate, outsourced a large part of productions have been to China. Only really socially-minded, set national or rather small employers were still not to use this. Other leaders such as Caterpillar offer similar insights. An army of workers, a steep learning curve for the non-professionals and a broad vision of Chinese Government and the people, which can be realized only with major foreign companies waiting for them in China. The most afraid of this migration has, of course, politics.

Extraordinary losses due to income tax will be to complain about, which means the social and transfers must be reduced and a civil revolt seems not so far. This policy of China has not only affects the wealth in their own country, but they try to export it. As mentioned above, China moves as a great benefactor, what sinister influence on the prosperity of other countries has generally a positive. For existing industrial countries such as Germany, it can be dangerous of course and thus fears this is an approximation of the level of the world means what seems really positive, but even after loss of prosperity for citizens of those countries just means politics and science. At an economic level China is a jewel in the Crown, shaping rather a cartload of ash. This one should engage in any case and with sanctions and raw material stops, as well as import stops this policy in the barriers. But some economists–and I fear that the greed of some non-Chinese industrialist and the will to the success of the Chinese people, will do exactly this question back. This quote is a great advantage for the Chinese Government: “Deutsche Bahn thinks mainly to Deutsche Bahn, Siemens thinks above all of Siemens. But in China, everyone thinks as we can together advance our nation. “(Lu Renyuan) by Malik Hebbat”