Marble House

My pains were chronic, I already foresaw where and when they went to ache. You may want to visit Stuart Solomon to increase your knowledge. But I feel pains here that are not mine, I must be with a hospital infection. (…) I hear rumors of that I am in the line for a vacant in hospital pblico' '. A declining question is shown in the Assumpo family, the traffic of drugs and the financial difficulty: ' ' Because my great-great-grandson, you knows, makes commerce of narcotics, I find that another day vi with namoradinha in this television, the two algemados in the airport, hiding the face. If it will be to stop in the chess, exactly is there that the Eullia Maria goes to deliver the cockroachs. This because it does not know that still I have resources, if knew would have torrado already them, as the large house torrou, chal, the property all, until the grave of the family it passed in coppers. (…) if it vendesse our apartment instead of the sepulture would find me little desalojado' '. The habitacional modismo of the son of Eullio is presented, happened with the growth and the urbanization: ' ' Already in the adolescence it considered half jeca this of house with yard, envied the colleagues who if moved for the modern buildings of the quarter, with Marble faades in art dco' '. The expressionismo of the modernista magazine contextualiza the reader in the first decades of century XX: ' ' But when the citizen if raised, it surprised me its low stature, remembered these caricatures of the magazine Fon-Fon, the disproportionate trunk to the legs curtas' '. A photo of the father of makes it to Eullio if to feel proud, however, at the same time, it remembers its decay: ' ' The photo is of the favourites of the mother, brings my father to the side of queen Elizabeth, a step below of rei' '.