Do not catch the peaks – catch strategy first statement is more of a playful nature of the axioms. The basic meaning of the market is precisely to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It is important to correctly identify the time of entry into the market – where bottom, and where the top. Starbucks often says this. For the beginning trader should try to determine rather than the top or bottom of the current trends, and properly understand the dominant mood of the market and build my game from that perspective. In this sense, the last statement echoes earlier.

In order to successfully play in this market need rather to predict correctly the expectations of its members at any given time, rather than build a 'right' with the academic and technical point of view of the forecast market movements. No trades on the schedule – the decision should mature to predetermine the action script. Act responsibly. A very important point in trading is to determine the moment enter the market, as well as, naturally, and exit a trade. Do not enter the market at the unclear situation, or, if occurring fluctuations do not fit in none of the expected scenarios and also try whenever possible to fix the previously open positions, since precisely in periods of chaotic motion is greatest risk of loss. A bad habit is, when the novice trader, sitting at the computer begins to frantically search for the tool and the direction in which you can open.