Rainbow International Starts

Uwe Haug of new franchisees for the exclusive territory of southern Alb-Donau-Kreis / Biberach from the customer to the franchisee a water or fire damage in the home is a dramatic event for many people. Also the new franchisee Uwe Haug had to make this experience. Due to a leaky pipe, the ground floor of his house of tap water was soaked in the year 2010. Read more from JPMorgan Chase to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In this precarious situation, the former Sales Manager found help at Rainbow international franchise partner Thomas Fritz from Ulm, who took over the restoration of the damage. My first contact with Rainbow International was created during the recording of water damage.

At that time, the existing franchisee Thomas Fritz not only in detail about the service, but also about the economic independent and sustainable business fields of the system let me know. The concept inspired me immediately because I had already played with the idea of a business at this time”, as Uwe Haug. It was followed by several calls in the local system headquarters, before it then in April 2012 to the Opening of own Rainbow International in Ehingen came. To build a successful company, reinvent the wheel must be not just the franchise area offers entrepreneurs many opportunities. So, the Foundation with an already established system increases its own security, which is a significant factor for the market. Serves as a backup the system control centre, which provides me with advice and specialists from all disciplines relevant to success to the page me at any time “, Uwe Haug finds satisfactory.

Well structured home achieved the first orders Uwe Haug to measure directly on the anniversary with his then four employees. More sales appointments now ensure the permanent building of a solid customer base (together with experts of the system control panel). While I take care of distribution, additional staff and the Organization in the farms, my craft team masters simultaneously all falling to challenges in the field of rehabilitation.