So Paulo

However, it is not what it will occur in some cities, mainly So Paulo, where the public sector will go to donate good part of the resources to construct a particular stadium. The stadium to be constructed in the zone east of the city of So Paulo will belong to the Corinthians that will have a cost very reduced to have its proper stadium. Beyond having many exemptions in the approval of the project, with subsidy, tax exemptions and it arrives in port direct of resources on the part of the pbico sector, to the ending of the pantry the Corinthians will have a stadium novinho to a cost very reduced because the Brazilian contributors who pay its taxes will have pay 75% of its cost more than. In arquitetada financial engineering the president of the teams, the president of the CBF enters, former-president LULA, the mayor of So Paulo and others 820 million made possible resources of R$ to construct a stadium of 48 a thousand places with possibility of being extended for 68 a thousand expectadores. Of these resources, R$ 400 million will be loaned by the BNDES the subsidized interests, that is, on the contrary of the 15% interests or more than if it charges in the market, the interests that the teams and its partners will go to pay to the Bank will be around 5% to the year in this loan whose stated period of liquidation is of 15 years. The R$ 420 remaining million literally will be donated by the city hall in the form of municipal tax exemption. The city hall it will go to create certified that it will go to repass for the responsible ones for the workmanship (in the truth will be created a deep one that, among others responsibilities, will be responsible for managing these resources).