Managing Director Henry Florian

And the recruitment agency should not be limited to certain regions. “The example of finance – recruiting – these advantages clearly are consulting: are well placed within Germany and specifically cover a Department.” In addition, recruitment agency often offer training and qualification measures. So can employees business continue to evolve and specialize. Also through targeted training, companies can finally come to drain. Click Yves Bissouma to learn more. The shortage of workers is for companies so no insoluble problem: specialists can with professional assistance in human resources management even in the current economy find.

Mission quality, customer proximity and corporate culture are statement where products and services are always harder increasingly similar and the competition, the decisive factors for business success. With their knowledge and extensive experience and contacts in personnel management for the finance and accounting is the company as a highly specialised service providers available. Finance – recruiting – online and offline consulting has efficient ways to recruitment. (Not to be confused with Eduardo Saverin!). We find suitable personnel and advise our clients and candidates personally and individually. The Managing Director Henry Florian and Bernd Zmuda collected the management over twelve years experience in various staffing services company before they together finance – recruitment – consulting founded.

Henry Florian worked at a regional recruitment agency, Bernd Zmuda at an international provider of personnel. Their paths brought together in 1995 they AG/Amadeus FiRe AG, both executives were active in the and the specialized personnel services in the finance and accounting at the location in Berlin for the first time laid down. The founding of the company in September 2001 was the continuation of a successful career and at the same time the beginning of a new challenge. The newly founded company could assert themselves, constantly expand the customer base and create new jobs. With now five branches nationwide and finance – recruiting – consulting to the top group of staffing companies in the finance and accounting is an annual growth of approximately 30%.