Is A Cat The Right Pet For Me?

You want to get one or several more cats? Then you should get over first if a cat is the right pet for you. At the cat stance, there’s to consider many things and these should be clarified beforehand. Quite often it happens that a family by bringing your Office tiger in the animal shelter, because they are overwhelmed with the animal. First, you should clarify first whether each person living in the household with the growth is in agreement and whether you or a family member has a Cat allergy. You can do a test at any skin or ear nose and throat doctor. Cat hair are among the most allergenic, therefore the risks of allergy are not to be underestimated. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. Please also remember that cats have an average life expectancy of 15 years. If you think your cats only in the apartment, you need at least two animals, because otherwise behavioural problems and loneliness can occur.

However as a rule of thumb is that the number of cats should not exceed that of the room. Therefore should E.g. not more than 3 cats in a 3-room apartment living. Cats need also daily attention from her”people, that is not only reading but also play to clean the toilet and feeding. Cats are generally more costly, therefore I have listed once the costs you. Please note that it is a guideline. The cost can purchase greatly vary.

In animal shelters, you get mostly European shorthair cats, which are also referred to as cat. These animals are usually for a fee between 50 and 100 euros. The costs do you want to buy a cat from a breeder, may increase to several hundred dollars or more depending on the breed. The basic equipment a scratching post (approx. 80 500, depending on the size) include utensils in any case, cat toilet (at least a per animal for about 10-20) and a little toy. Feeding bowls suitable old plate, a porcelain or aluminum Bowl is however recommended. You should set up also a cuddle and sleep area. This wonderful old pillows and blankets are suitable, so that there are no further costs. Veterinarian veterinarian costs are the biggest item on the list. Be sure to keep in mind are the usual vaccinations (40 70 per year per animal), castration (50-120 cat and cat 40-100), microchip (10 30) and regular checkups (20 60). The vet prices can vary greatly from doctor to doctor, a comparison is worthwhile. Feed costs depending on the quality and weight of the animal about 15 50 monthly. If you have rated all the points positive, nothing in the way is lucky cat. Stephan r