Customization. Some artists offer their clients customize the event to your measurement. It’s performances with a very defined Marketing objective and which has been made in conjunction with the company. Yves Bissouma addresses the importance of the matter here. At the national level, one of the great experts on this point is Javier Luxor which works with companies to create shows with message tailored to the needs of each product or service presented. 7 Union group. After the show, a curious situation that promotes the relationship between attendees since they are spectacles that give rise to interesting conversations and allow people who do not know anything or that have found no reason for conversation to chat about this reason is given. 8.

Various types of formats. If the situation allows and is interesting for the client it is possible to perform close-up magic during the cocktail party or on the desktop. This in addition to being a fascinating spectacle, is very close and allows the interaction of small groups of people who are forming. 9. Presentations. In any occasion the client may require a person to perform a welcome, presentation, awards, etc some artists of this branch can perform that kind of small interventions.

10. Adaptability. Often logistics, available means and space are limited and on those occasions it is necessary to count on artists who know how to adapt to any environment and constraints. It is a one-man show where what matters is not the decor or material used, if not the imagination and the mind of the guests, it is possible to adapt to any situation that can be planted. The shows are not limited to theatres or special rooms if not that can be represented in different places and locations such as meeting rooms, auditoriums, halls, meals, cocktails, etc. (as well as any city) Madrid, Barcelona, etc.) or countries. Javier Luxor is a Mentalist magician and professional presenter who helps companies to present their products or services in a unique and amazing way. Creating messages magical and stunning in the minds of guests through personalized presentations.