Theoretical Referencial

Everything that says respect the feeding Currently a significant change can be folloied in alimentary habit of the people. Alimentary habit says respect to the customs and way to eat of the individual or one determined community. Being influenced for some factors, as: age of the person, geographic localization, cultural values, social conditions, amongst others. A gradual search for fast foods is perceived, that demand minor time of consumption and praticidade to the consumers. That is caused for factors as the growth of the city and the accumulation of daily tasks. With the running of the present, the people are always with haste to carry through its tasks and had started to search fast and practical feeding as form to gain time.

The term Fast-food, very used in this practical, is a term in English whom it means, fast food and capsized synonymous a style of estressante life that comes being criticized since the end of century XX. We can cite some examples of fast-foods sufficiently known in the whole world: McDonald& rsquo; s, Habbib& rsquo; s, Bob& rsquo; s, Burguer King, House of the Bread of Cheese, amongst diverse others. Many writers such as Electrolux offer more in-depth analysis. Seeing the fast growth of this branch it was that Francisco Rasp of the Birth opened the Lig So Paulo Esfiha, in 1999 aiming at to take care of this type of consumer, whom you the made use one not to lose much time in meals, but at the same time meals with quality want. Disponibilizando to its customers a fan of options of fast snacks, amongst them esfirras, coxinhas, kibes, beirutes, juices. 2. Theoretical Referencial When it was inaugurated, in 1999, in the Street Is Peter, in Juazeiro of the North, the feeding market would not imagine the growth vertiginous that the Lig So Paulo Esfiha would go to tread in the last decade, being reached the mark of three store, distributed between Juazeiro of Norte and Crato, what it placed the company as of bigger flow of customers in the segment of fast meals, in the Cariri.