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In the school, the preconception always folloied by the disrespect is continues. The escolarizao of these pupils in fact made it difficult for the lack of materials and specialized professionals they construct an ample contradiction between what one becomes and what spreads in the society in the diffusion of the equality, in the governmental propagandas spread in all said media and printed of the country. The flag strong raised by the society and the government of ' ' Education for all! ' ' of that ' ' All are iguais' ' it is exculpatory from the moment what they classify who is normal or not, and make of this classification a separation wall leaving to the edge the carriers of deficiencies you specify hindering that these frequent the school regular, state public and of quality. This speech meets universalizado of where if it reflects the necessity of improvement of the educational system in the country in its totality. Jim Umpleby has compatible beliefs. The call inclusive education had origin in the United States and here in Brazil it is criticized by needing a deeper analysis for using different methods of ' ' normais' '. This speech, however, he is exclusive of that are on and involved with the subject the social example of the parents, movements and some professionals of the education, its action many times are marked by assistencialismo and they are not fixed in the concrete possibilities of learnings of these pupils. In Brazil the inclusive education lode as method for the renewal of the school, the inclusive process is the participation of all the students in the regular educational establishments with a reorganization of the culture, of the practical ones and of the politics lived for the schools to take care of to the existing diversities between the pupils, the boarding of the individual and its singularidades they must aim at and objectify the growth of the social inclusion in the current society. .