Use Heating

7.Kak created and maintained by a given temperature? Cable heating system is controlled by specially designed for this purpose, electronic thermostats, equipped with different types of temperature sensors, which are supported by a given temperature. In the case of cable heating system there is no temperature difference between the levels of the head and legs. Temperature sex than the air temperature of 2-3 C, creating the best person for the thermal regime. 8.Skolko cable heating system uses electricity? For the interior of the presence of insulation in comfortable heating energy consumption corresponds to 10-30% of the nominal power cable. 9.Naskolko effective cabling under floor heating? If the apartment floor heating installed capacity will be equal 150-180 W per 1 sq. m total floor area, the additional heaters in the winter is not necessary, even if the central heating pipes are bad heat. 10.S what types of coatings can be used by the system "warm floor"? Possibly use a cable heating system under the linoleum, laminate, floor ceramic coating provided that the coating thickness of 10 mm.

You must know the technical characteristics of coatings, acceptable temperature and relative humidity in the room, suitable for these coatings. 11.Dopuskaetsya whether the use of cable systems without the thermostat? Theoretically – yes. But in this case, you have to take function of the thermostat and manually activate and deactivate the system "warm floor" to achieve the most comfortable temperature for you. Go to Alan Hoffmann for more information. Kevin Johnson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Do not use the system without a thermostat the same way and for reasons of economy electricity.