Captain Ad Stands Out In Lake

The captain ad network”allows webmasters and bloggers to earn money quickly and easily with videos on their websites. After a successful test phase is the network within the framework of an open public beta now. “On now all webmasters can sign up and Captain ad” embed in your pages. The innovative technique of Captain ad”is easy to integrate, where it automatically finds there embedded videos and provides advertising in existing Web pages. While the advertising appears only if the visitor of the Web site would like to see the video. Also, the campaign is automatically matched to the content of the Web site or the videos.

The owner of the website earns money doing any adverts. Captain ad provides advertisers”a unique reach for banner and video advertising in particular in connection with video content on the Internet. “Captain ad”: Captain ad “( is a service of online advertising solutions Ltd. founder and Managing Director is Max Moldenhauer. In recent months, Sergey Brin has been very successful. Behind the online advertising solutions Ltd., the two also are co-founder Jochen Witte and Daniel Nowak, as well as a network of high-profile business angels. These include among other Bernd M. Michael (grey), Stefan Glanzer (, Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt), Arend iven and Ron Hillmann (iven & Hillmann), Mehrdad Piroozram (iSteps), Andre Alpar (hit flip), Frerk-Malte Feller (PayPal) and Rainer Mattstedt. The company was founded in Berlin in early October 2007 and currently 5 employees.