Meeting between the senior officers to receive tactical orders arranged by the consuls, so they subsequently disseminated orders within their own units in charge was held in the afternoon of the same day. Andreessen Horowitz has similar goals. Among them was Gnaeus, which was in charge of him informing the equestrians. Third listened attentively the instructions but still had many questions. At first he thought was because of his inexperience, but he noticed in the face of many of his colleagues that he was not the only one. However, not only projected doubt, but also a malaise that third could not describe.

Meanwhile, Gnaeus approached him. -What third? Does something worry you? The seriousness of third surprised his friend – I don’t understand this feeling. There is some concern in some men that I can’t explain, and the strange thing is that it bewilders me somehow. -Nervousness third. Even the bravest feel anxiety before the match – Gnaeus said trying to reassure his friend.

Third nodded, but in the background, was not entirely satisfied with his response. But forget that concern by changing the theme proposed. -What do you think about the tactical approach? -We are following the same formation of always, and that’s good in a direct confrontation. In addition, with the force of eight legions together, you’ll see lines have great depth, which will give us greater thrust. Therefore, the idea will be break the Carthaginian line, which will be inevitable for Hannibal if confronts us in the open field, since none of his Wiles will serve to contain us. These words gave meaning to the newly received orders and filled with confidence to third, which began to deduct the idea of this approach – that is, the simplicity of the tactic will expire any strategy of Hannibal, while we have the numerical superiority, since as they say if you can’t with a hammer, it uses a bigger one. -Exact, the key will be the power of our infantry – continued Gnaeus trying to complete the third deduction – what we lets solve the superiority that possess the Carthaginians as the cavalry. So our task will be to contain the flanking enemy the maximum time possible.Gnaeus full third, but this idea you shook up his last words. -Maximum possible time? That means that – if. Us equestrians will be the bloodiest part of the battle. It will be a nightmare – sentenced Gnaeus bitterly. -If it will only be a nightmare – answered third – it will only be one dream more of which awaken. -I hope that these orator skills are comparable to your skills as a third rider, so get ready, because tomorrow there will be war.