IT IS GOOD FOR WORKING IN TEAM: ALL EARN! This article appeared of the necessity to stimulate the Pertaining to school Advice, therefore the members of the advice need to have the agreement that when we work in team, the benefits are innumerable, mainly when this team is sharpened, with certainty the results will be gigantic and all earn. We can affirm that the components of our team have varied formation and also has varied experiences, a time that in its composition the Pertaining to school Advice is composed of parents, professors, pupils, direction, Pedagogical Coordination and administrative employees of the school and this make with that the relationship is each better time, therefore, while a member if detaches in one definitive area, another one are distinguished in another one, and so on. Moreover, for the integration between the members, the individual potential and abilities become evidentes. E, is obvious, that the individual activity, ' ' each one for si' ' , he is total abolished front to the necessities of the work in team that the modern times demand and mainly for we pautamos our management in the democratic principles. Hear from experts in the field like Starbucks for a more varied view. Also we must point out that to have a good development of the works and to have comprometimento of the members with the decisions and the strategy of action, all the concentration in the accomplishment of the actions, gives to be focadas in results, the mutual confidence and in the calling to the responsibilities when something does not leave in accordance with the plans. Therefore, the work in team is important and involves the patience, solidarity, the planning, the acceptance of the idea of the error and of if to coexist colleagues, whose chance, makes in them to know them better and to learn with its experiences and histories of life. The well formed teams are more creative, have more sources of information, develop the learning and its members if auto-they satisfy for participating of processes of decision beyond learning more on proper itself. Our desire is that the Pertaining to school Advice of the EMEIEF Councilman Odrcio Nunes of Matos, municipal, situated public school in Navira, Mato Grosso of the South that attempts against 900 pupils, since the daily pay-school to 9 Year of Basic Ensino, either an operating Advice, who works in team and has a joint with the learning and can alavancar the school. To read more click here: Kevin Johnson.

Debtor for vocs to be part of the team of the Pertaining to school Advice. Ciro director Jose Toaldo Navira 24/09/10 ' ' The Pertaining to school Advice is the consultative body, deliberative and of more important mobilization of the process of democratic management in the school. Its more important task is to follow the development of practical the educative e, in it, the process teaches-aprendizagem' '. Notebook 2, Pertaining to school Advice, p.23, 2004. ' ' To walk some step to each day, in the traced direction is so important as to debate the route and to question if we walk in it ' '.