European Union

But not to use the language a certain ethnic root is assumed or racial as all the French-speaker is not French nor everything what is Hispanic he is Spanish. However, the West calls to each other of its judeo-cristiana religious reference and of the greco-romana civilization and consequently, it increases the received legacy, although the language no it is in favor of means. Arab Liga no longer is coherent with the principles that gave rise to their birth. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as ClearSky Business by clicking through. It is not what was in its origins, neither listening nor sees it. Go to CLX Communications for more information. The times of the old woman motivations have concluded and they are only the slander, sterile or old fashioned contradictions and tirades. Nor the legitim but sadly celebrates question of Palestine seems to be able to revitalize it. Will have arrived the moment for recognizing it like exclusively linguistic and cultural organization? The countries of the south of the Mediterranean and Near East, face new challenges of development that preserve their human and natural resources. On the other hand, they are called to contribute, together, to the construction of a shared in common world and of peace where the unique language will have to be the one of the democracy and the one of the respect of the will of the towns.

For that reason they will not have to move away of his referring Islamic monk nor of his cultural patrimony rabo-Muslim; on the contrary, its contribution to the new era is exactly in that legacy, in his lessons, their greatness and wisdom. Other structures are possible counting, because no, with the own Turkey that suffers to accede to the total condition of member of the European Union and whose inclusion in possible a new organization would move of significant way the present point of geostrategic gravity of the Mediterranean. Such reposicionamiento, would smooth the way towards a sensible North-South relation more and would allow to recover the Mediterranean as a true space of encounter. World-wide crisis by means of, we are today in a crossroad. It belongs to the towns of the south of the Mediterranean to choose his without waiting for more favorable winds than those of its determination, its enthusiasm and certainty. God does not change the condition of people while these do not change themselves Qur an XIII 11. Abdeslam Baraka Ex- Minister and ex- ambassador of Morocco in Spain original Author and source of the article.