Latin America

If the separations in Kosovo and other parts of the former Yugoslavia seek to accelerate integration into the euro, the EU and the global market, the Bolivian autonomists want, rather, avoid to advance populist and protectionist nationalism to seek to return to the previous dynamics of wanting to establish free trade agreements with the United States. If Kosovo and Georgia have opened boxes of pandora in Eurasia, the regionalism of Santa Cruz can uncover another in Latin America. Nationalism camba sample in their various maps that his country is not limited to Santa Cruz and the other two departments Amazonian nearby (Beni and Pando) but to areas low in other departments (including La Paz) and raises the existence of related territories which are Tarija, South of Potosi, Chuquisaca or Cochabamba in Bolivia, Acre, Rondonia and Mato Grosso in Brazil, Paraguay and even, in some cases, areas of Peru claimed that they were unfairly seized them. At the moment the wave of new separatism has not much decline in Ibero America. In addition, so that Kosovo, South Ossetia or Abkhazia are declared independent has required the military presence of a super-power there. Under these conditions no power occupies no country Ibero-American (if we discard the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, part of USA) nor encourages its division. Immediate level, it is not possible to think that Washington and Moscow will come to a new cold war. There is no possibility to Latin America to be a zone under the American splint in which Moscow wanted to enter promoting Castro then Allende, Velasco, Torres again and the sandinistas.

The era of the guerrillas encouraged by Havana and Moscow has culminated and Castro, rather, I would like that for when this January 1 their island celebrate 50 years of its revolution, Colombian FARC and ELN reaching an agreement on disarmament with Bogota. However, there are two things that a level immediately, if they affect Latin America. One is that the war in Georgia if it favors the Republicans and is helping McCain reaches or tramonte in the polls to Obama, which Yes could influence the election of a Government that is so key to the region which is South of the mega-power. Another aspect is that recovery military Russian if it has an impact on weakening U.S. Plenipotentiary image and creates margins for the Latin American left follow encouraging to wanting to go is distancing itself from Washington and open its external to a more multi-polar direction policy.