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After that, a loyal customer finishes to arrive. Alone, without other colleagues to assist it, you need to locate yourself and to decide for who it will go to dedicate to greater attention. Which would be its attitudes to take care of all wait that it? In these circumstances the salesman will need to demonstrate to all its charisma ability and. However, the life is made of choices and certainly it will not obtain to please Greeks and troianos. In this in case that, it is necessary to decide which customer has that to wait more! its decision can give a trophy to it or sign its resignation.

1 to compliment all educadamente; 2 Demonstrar interest for all; 3 the person most fragile is the one that it needs bigger attention; 4 remembers first impression to it is the one that is; NEVER DEMONTRE PANIC FOR WORSE THAT IT IS THE SITUATION! Its autoconfiana and credibility will be its greaters allies, therefore it does not lose the control remains calm and Cortez. 1.5.O effect UAL always Has a letter in the sleeve, is not previsible! It always surprises positively its customers. The people want to be special, they give to this and you will gain its credibility and affection. He answers with sincerity) Why I deserve the credibility of the customer? B) I surprise the customers? Yes () not () C) What I make to gain the loyalty of the customer? D) You already lived deeply scene 3? E) You already lived deeply scene 4? In case that the reply he is yes, he counts its experience. 2.O witchcraft turns against the wizard the credibility is not conquered pointing weaknesses of the competitor or pointing imperfections of the fellow worker much less depreciating the workstation.

To speak badly of the competitor is antiethical and clearly leaves its lack of arguments, convincing, on its product. To point imperfections of other fellow workers, to value its attendance, indicates that the salesman is disloyal. He leaves that its customers carry through this judgment. To depreciate the workstation discourages the customers and cause questionings on its intellectual capacity. One remembers: Many people believe dictated popular ' ' You say me with who you walk and I will say who to you s' '. Bibliography: Candeloro, Raul. After-sales. As to improve the relationship and to guarantee the loyalty of its customers. Curitiba: Quantum, 2006. Candeloro, Raul. Preparation and planning. As to prepare and to plan action, and to manage the time to reach objectives in sales. Curitiba: Quantum, 2007. Magazine Sales More. Year 17 – N 198, October of 2010. I love vender. Curitiba: Quantum, 2010.