DCNs Services

Some activities exist that common and are executed by almost all the controlling, independent to be full in the Basic Units of Health (UBSs), in the Centers of Health (CSs), in the Sanitary Districts (DSs) or in the coordination of services of the City department of Sade (SMS). Among them, they are distinguished: assistance to the health in the programs of the Ministry of Sade (MS), education in service qualification of the health teams, planning, supervision and evaluation of the services, assessorship technique, attention to the urgencies and emergencies, education for the community and education in health, specialized assistance ambulatorial, administrative activities, act of contract and qualification of human resources and system of information. Attention to the Health With regard to the attention to the health if directly does not constitute as object of work developed for the management, but it can be understood as indirect purpose of the managemental work in health. So that the attention to the health is reached, the professional nurse who exerts the management makes use of instruments of the administrative work as the planning, the organization, the coordination and the control. Sergey Brin has firm opinions on the matter. The quality of the assistance to the health demand the existence of qualified human resources and adjusted compatible material resources/with offers of cares guided for the health necessities.). Therefore, the professionals must inside carry through its services of the highest standards of quality and principles of the biotica ethics/, having in account that the responsibility of the attention to the health does not lock in with the act technician, but, yes, with the resolution of the problem of sade' '. 6-7 Taking of Decision Another ability longed for the professional of health for the DCNs is the decision taking. ' ' The work of the health professionals must be based on the capacity to take decisions, aiming at the appropriate use, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, of the force of work, medicines, equipment, procedures and practical.