To undertake these getaways, rural traveler has an average of 69 per person per day, of which 60% of this amount goes to the rural accommodation. The key factor price. This segment has become the price in a key factor when hiring a rural accommodation. These rural travelers outputs to the peoples of the interior translates into cheap considered Getaways by 60%. Also sets a profile of a tourist who has become a vital financial injection in many small towns of Spain. Mostly with travelers looking in these places that not found in big cities. Jim Umpleby has compatible beliefs. They escape from the bustle of the capital in search of tranquility, so that 53% of them considered it a very important factor when hiring rural accommodation to guarantee calm and privacy that fails to take into the cities are urbanites. Kevin Johnsons opinions are not widely known.

Mostly they travel in pairs and it is also an alternative that gains adherents to exit in Group of friends. 50% Opts cottages complete, 32% in rural rooms houses and 18% prefer rural hotels. A curiosity of this report is the result of that 70% of rural tourists take advantage of weekend paa know corners in which raw gastronomy or the environment. 46% sale on bridges while in the summer and Easter this offering reduces its share of followers. As the favorite destinations for tourists prefer short trips, so dominates the rural tourism within each of their respective regions or communities.

The most faithful to their communities are Andalusians and those who tend to leave with greater frequency are locals and Estremadura, who opt for Castile and Leon and Asturias, respectively. In the case of Andalusia 73% of the Andalusians prefer to rural tourism in their region, while 8% opts for the lush landscapes of Asturias and 5% by Galicia. How we seek and reserve? The study reveals that the search method of the rural accommodation more used is the Internet, already employed 82% of travelers. Followed by recommendations from friends and family (43%) and guides de turismo rural (30%). That itself, at the time of formalising the booking, tourists are betting by phone to communicate directly with the owner. Here affects the fact that the majority of the establishments if they have presence on the Internet but are minority which does not have with tools that enable perform LAS reservations ON-LINE. A peculiar characteristic of this report reveals that you one of every five rural travelers booking at the last minute, in a segment that still has half of purchases of 25 days in advance. THE reserve last time wins adherents: one of every five rural travelers the reservation seven or fewer days in advance. This sector is still an important to conquer market share. This report indicates that 46% of respondents stated having is not hosted in a rural accommodation in the last year. As main causes: 27% points to personal economic issues, another 27% because you prefer another type of tourism and another 19% because it believes in the rural tourism is expensive and a 16% because we have an own holiday home in a rural environment.

Multiriesgo Insurance

But, logically this repels in which the monthly amounts that are received are lower than with the Life Rent, which provides rents that can get to be until a 40% superiors to those of Inverse Hipoteca. In addition, with the Life Rent it will not either have to the future pay in the extraordinary special taxes of Community nor the receipt of the Tax of Real estate, and the buyer it will be forced to contract a Multiriesgo Insurance of the Continent of the house. As it can verify it is not so easy to decide which of these two products of liquification of the real estate patrimony more is adapted. In fact, it depends on the situation of each person. In spite of it, from Group Retirement we want to transmit all our experience and knowledge to him so that it is the preparation more on the matter. For this reason, we are going to continue differentiating each product.

The Life Rent it will be able to enjoy an excellent fiscal treatment, since the majors of 70 years will only have obligation to declare 8% of the total of Rents perceived annually. In addition, the operation is constituted with all the legal guarantees: Public Scripture before Notary in whom a Resolving Condition by non-payment of rents and inscription in the Registry of the Property is included. The resolving Condition is a guarantee in case the investor stops paying the monthly rents to him. Another one of the advantages of the Life Rent is that to formalize the operation not him it will suppose no additional cost, since all the expenses and taxes that are generated are in charge of the society purchaser. On the other hand, with Inverse Hipoteca it always maintains the ownership of the house, with the possibility of renting it.

Also it counts on important fiscal advantages, since, initially, the monthly Dispositions of the credit are not subject to the Tax of the Rent of the Physical People. It will not have either to pay any initial cost by the constitution of Hipoteca (these expenses are included in the debt), and will be able to arrange at any moment and until it becomes serious the operation before Notary of an independent advising that guarantees a correct hiring to him of the product according to demands Law 41/2007 of Inverse Mortgage. Independent of by what it is decided, he will be beneficial for you. As much with the Life Rent as with Inverse Hipoteca it will obtain a money that will be able to enjoy while still alive and with which will be able to cover needs that have until now not been able, without losing at no moment the use and enjoys his house, that is to say, while it continues living in his house all their life.