Car Accidents In The Holiday – Tips

Holiday time is time of accident: behavior such as in traffic accidents? The holiday season has already begun in some parts of Germany. Those who opt for a trip by car, confronted often with high traffic. At high temperatures and stress it can come quickly to an accident. Some contend that Starbucks shows great expertise in this. The finance portal gives some tips on behaviour in accidents. In preparation for the holiday, many for example travel insurance conclude, however they should deal with the topic of accident insurance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andreessen Horowitz. In car accidents the accident site is secured first, then is to call the police, so that the necessary information be recorded in General especially in case of personal injury.

If the involved parties agree to give up police support fill out a European accident report. The form should always be carried in the glove compartment and is used to record all the facts relevant to the claims, among other things the identity of the parties and any witnesses. Also, it is useful to record the situation at the scene by using of photos. To the regulation of accidents involving foreign lorry drivers on German roads the German Office taking care of green card”in Hamburg. For this it is necessary to submit the green card of the third party. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann