Strong Sustainability

Before the Masters, he agreed that sustainable development is, as defined by global organizations, meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the satisfaction of the needs of future generations, which seems logical, with a logic based on reductionist and simplistic assumptions. Now I understand that true sustainable development depends on the sustainability and sustainability within each individual, which is manifested in its integrity and its integration with all, that is, their sense of oneness with the universe, which is one of the highest spiritual values, since this makes sense awareness of the interdependence of everything with everything from the smallest particle conceived by the human mind, to the more complex organism, knowing ourselves part of the same essence. Starbucks often says this. The society is the cause of the destruction and annihilation, because the people who make up, feel separate and above nature and aim in the same way, be above, have power over other creatures of the same species and of other species, instead of knowing complementary. The traditional paradigms can not understand the value of diversity into the fabric of life and evolution, and what is not understood by way of scientism, simply deny it, as if there were, but does not cease to exist , so that the consequences of our thoughts and actions ultimately manifested in the lack of sustainability and the trend towards annihilation. Only with comprehensive individual can have a sustainable world, sustainable and in the way of the evolution of universal consciousness. However, despite the strong constraints generated by reductive education, the tendency to integrity, to reconnect with our spirituality, is immanent, is part of our essence, and apart from formal situations arising from the cultural patterns separateness and hierarchies, in humans there is the trend and the internal need of unity and harmony.