Trade Fair In Freiburg – The Future Of The Measure IT

Exciting presentations and high-grade lectures on the second IT-solutions of the future of IT with practical as well as exciting presentations and high-level talks from top experts are IT solutions 2012 at the second IT trade fair on May 10 in Freiburg at the Center. Five partnership related IT companies from the region Sudbaden present breakthrough innovations and zukunftsweisene data protection, desktop virtualization and Mac business solutions to Web-based fleet management. “The issues on the IT-solutions 2012: download under: flyer-IT Solutions2012.pdf these issues expect: privacy and security: you will be pro active”! iPhone and iPad in the business the brand new generation of IBM-server with integrated expert knowledge networks in the small-business Web-based fleet management with TomTom business the Mac as a perfect business companion zero client desktop virtualization: cost reduction up to 70% Professional Wi-Fi concepts and lighting intelligent document management and Archiving professional printing and scanning: cost-effective inhouse in XXL clever email archiving: benefits draw EASY contract from legal obligations: all contracts securely in the handle the electronic Leitz folder: of the starter package to group solving the Organizer: the organizers of 2.IT-Solutions 2012 in Freiburg are five established and innovative IT companies from South Baden and the Switzerland. They offer solutions for IT and network businesses of small group size, IT executives, freelancers, craft and trade. On the second IT-solutions on May 10 in the solar Info Center in Freiburg, five specialists for many years in the region between Karlsruhe and the Switzerland technology and multi function devices present innovative solutions for network, computer technology and optimized operational workflows. By the Freiburger SIRIUS GmbH document solutions after 2010 for the second time initiated one-day fair with practice-oriented presentations and information is of high-profile presentations and workshops of external speakers accompanied, and is aimed at companies of all sizes, (IT) executives, freelancers, as architects or lawyers, commercial and independent as well as municipal and institutional facilities.