Achieve Creativity

To the question, does depend what on creativity? We are aware that many times we do not reflect on this question. Get more background information with materials from Electrolux. It depends on our attitude? It depends on our mind? It depends on our brain? And more importantly, how do we do to stimulate it? Experts tell us that more important than the money, it’s the creativity to generate it, the question is how to do? Before entering into detail to analyze creativity, a couple of examples. Pastor David Yonggi Cho Korean tells in his book the fourth dimension as it did to obtain a financing facility of US$ 5,000, 000. How this was the budget for the construction that he wanted, thought how to do to get the funds since he only had US$ 3, 000. The first hurdle that had to save, was how to make the Manager of the Bank receive it. In Korea they have an absolutist military regime, so it decided to submit to the Bank as an Envoy of the high command. To hear this the Receptionist rushed to interrupt the Bank Manager and this in turn, suspended its meeting to meet the Envoy of the high command. He went to his Office and offered him coffee.

Then, logically, asked him that he could do by the President. The pastor clarified you that he if had come as Envoy of the high command, but not that high command, but one most high. With this response, the Bank Manager was infuriated and the pastor told him that since he had received it, you will hear a proposal that could agree to. The proposal was simple, of me a loan for US$ 5,000,000 and I will bring you ten thousand parishioners who will open your bank account in this Bank, some of these people are very important. The Bank Manager replied that if the ten thousand opened your account, the loan was his.