Internet Accessories

Sometimes the position of the needle at the time of stopping can be program and the machine will stop the needle in the down position, which is convenient for quilting or processing, such as lapels. What is included in the kit is normally supplied with the machine weight range accessories – set of needles of different thickness, a needle with a rounded tip for jersey, double needle, screwdriver, brush and other tools to service cars, and of course the various tabs. Often you can find the complete straight stitch presser foot, presser foot for decorative stitches, buttonhole foot, for the invisible and Overlock stitches for sewing on buttons and sewing zippers. The most complete sets of various supplies are usually supplied with the machines cost from $ 300. But feet for sewing and special adaptations there are so many that give them all bundled with the machine impossible and pointless.

Two foot, which suddenly needed, can be purchased at any large store that sells sewing machines. There are special foot to do tucks, pleats, assembly, sewing different lightning for for gross tissue for loops and buttons for hiding and serging stitches with simultaneous cutting edge, sewing the cord or even several, quilting and patchwork, and many others. By Husqvarna and Pfaff in the box with the machine put special catalog of accessories that are available for this sewing machine. For machines other manufacturers catalogs of accessories can be found on the Internet. In Moscow stores the most widely represented Foot and accessories for Husqvarna and Pfaff.