The Consideration

The application of the principles of the quality management not only provides direct benefits, but it also makes an important contribution to the management of costs and risks. Considerations of benefits, costs and risk management, are important for the library, its customers and other stakeholders. These considerations, in relation to the overall performance of the library, can have impact on: – the fidelity of user – the reiteration in its use and reference or recommendation from the library, – operating results, such as number of users, etc. fast and flexible responses to the environment opportunities, – costs and cycle times through the effective and efficient use of resources- alignment of processes that better reach the desired results, – competitive advantage through enhanced capabilities of the library, – understanding and motivation of individuals towards the goals and objectives of the library, as well as participation in the continuous improvement-, confidence of stakeholders on the effectiveness and efficiency of the library, as they demonstrate the economic and social benefits of performance, cycle the service life and reputation of the library- ability to create value for both the institution and its suppliers through the optimization of costs and resources, as well as flexibility and speed of response agreed jointly to changing environments. While each principle is useful if only, it is suitable they apply comprehensively as a whole where there is a relationship of cause effect between the 8 principles, all with the purpose of satisfying the user’s needs and fulfill the purpose of the organization. Principle 1 library oriented to user organizations depend on their customers and therefore must understand their current and future needs, comply with their requirements and strive to exceed your expectations. Manage and operate a library successfully requires manage in a systematic and visible manner. The success should be the result of implement and maintain a management system that is designed to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the library through the consideration of the needs of stakeholders.