Disenchanted With The Work, But Do Not Want To Change

Is 40% of Spanish are discouraged at work. It seeks stability and security in the company. These are data from a study by Watson Towers in 22 countries. About 40% of Spanish is disappointed or discouraged with his current employment, but prefers not to switch companies for fear of unemployment, according to a study prepared on a sample of more than 1. 000.

The report, conducted in over 22 countries on a sample of 22. 000 employees, found that 46% of the population admits that is not involved in his job, while 85% of workers said he had no intention of seeking employment. “It primarily seeks stability and security within the company, with a medium to long term project in the company. The employee is not seeking another job outside the company for its pessimistic view of the labor market, “explains the director of Towers Watson, Juan Carlos Olabarrieta, who shall submit the report. Thus, the pessimism is evident in workers, to ensure 25% have not glimpsed increased vacancies, while half regretted that the work will remain dry. The young, the more optimistic despite the crisis especially fattening them young, with an unemployment rate close to 45%, are the most optimistic, with almost half of them glimpsed an improvement, while the largest 45 years represent the most pessimistic group, and 38% believe the economy even worse.

The report also finds that 37% of employees said they want a job “for life.” “A job secure and stable is more important than a higher salary or the opportunity to develop skills, ten years ago were in first place,” explains Olabarrieta. In Europe, the results are very similar, the sum of the two aforementioned groups is 65%, 62% similar to Spanish. 79% of the U.S. population would not be more than willing to change jobs three times in his life, and 40% intended to pursue a career in single company. As for retirement, only 15% expressed his desire to retire before 65 years, while 55% said it is prepared to make it past that age. Visit Douglas Oberhelman for more clarity on the issue. “People are more prepared for what is believed to delay the time of withdrawal, which favors the statistical fact, irreversible and inevitable, to delay the retirement age,” said the director of Business Line Towers Talent Management Tony Gennaoui.