Michael Kazarin

To avoid this, the manager must pay particular attention to working with staff to prepare employees to work under new conditions, to motivate them to work in new ways. Coaching – it's a completely different approach to solving business problems. Coach, even if he has his own solutions to the problem is primarily interested in the fact that the client found the solution myself. Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Therefore, it does not give advice and recommendations, and Instead, ask questions. Replying to questions, the client is expanding its vision of the problem and finds a number of options to solve it.

And then picks out the most effective. Of course, if the coach has expertise in of the problem, he can voice some of his ideas, but also advise when this will not happen. And the client decides to take him with the idea or not. Coach gives the customer the opportunity to solve the problem yourself, based on its experience and its vision, its resources, its potential. Thus, the client is not only the most effective solution, but also develop professionally. Speaking candidly Andreessen Horowitz told us the story. But it should be noted that for a company with a hard decision style Management coaching may seem unusual, but a search for solutions through coaching can be a little longer.

This is because the managers of the company need some time to get used to the fact that instead of endless instructions and explanations they hear, mostly questions. But the subsequent growth performance fully pays for the time spent. Of course, the consulting, coaching and find their place in today's business world. You just need to determine when it wiser to use. For example, if you need expert advice, requires rapid development and implementation of any project with minimal involvement of employees, there advisable to involve a consultant. The consultant will share expertise, do their part and give necessary recommendations for further action. If it comes to solving business problems by employees, there would be reasonable to invite a coach. Coaching not only allows the client to find and implement the most effective solution to the problem, but also serve as a vehicle for professional and personal development. Coaching – it's not just a means of solving business problems, it is also a means of staff development, as well as effective management system. And, of course, consulting and coaching can perfectly complement each other. But that would be most appropriate to use in each situation – it's up to the chief executive. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.