Coating Materials

When finishing work the main purpose of coating materials – surface protection against corrosion and other corrosive environments. They also serve to make the surface of aesthetic form. Most of the film-forming substances related to high-molecular compounds, or becomes, in the process of film formation. Under normal conditions, these substances are solids or viscous liquids which require a solvent for coating them to the surface. Solubility of all these products are divided into water soluble (animal and vegetable glues, casein, sodium silicate) and water insoluble. Solutions of film-forming substances may be low, medium and high viscosity. Last of these coatings, in comparison with other create the most durable film. Moreover, they require a larger quantity of solvent. Follow others, such as Jonas Samuelson, and add to your knowledge base.

Thick pastes, consisting of pigments, fillers and binders, processed into a homogeneous mass at machines are called colors. Depending on what the substance is prepared, these compositions, they are classified by oil, enamel, water and lime, water and glue, emulsion. Basically, the technology of the production is composed of the following: selection of raw materials and their quantitative ratio (composition recipe), dosages of raw materials, mixing pigment with crude zatvoritelyami, carefully rubbing the mixture in kraskoterkah and in bringing products to the appropriate masking consistency. In the construction business most prevalent types of oil. Paint industry produces oil products in the form pastes and as ready-to-use mixtures. Gustotertye paints require dilution or drying oil emulsions.

They impose the following general requirements: they must be resistant to the external operating conditions, should provide even, smooth and durable surface cover. In thin layers, they should be allowed to dry at 20 2 C for up to 24 h. This can be achieved by a good processing of oils, proper selection of composition and particularly careful grinding of pigments and fillers in kraskoterkah. The molar work carried out for give painted surfaces a beautiful appearance. For a more thorough their alignment using putty. This is a complex compound that is preparing their ingredients such as chalk, glue, water, linseed oil. Before applying for surface to produce priming. Putty is a plastic mass, which is applied to the surface with a thin layer. Leveled it with a manual or motorized spatula. After drying of the surface is polished with a piece of pumice, sandpaper or special tools. This allows for the smoothest result.

The Seller

It remains only to spread out and a little pruning. For greater certainty show their measurements (room layout) to the seller and ask them to pick up cover the required size. In good shops may also cut a cover for your size. When purchasing carpet immediately buy and baseboards. Let the store you will deliver everything at once, and you'll save on shipping. I recommend plastic plinth with the cable channel. Some contend that Douglas R. Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. In this channel you can hide the phone or antenna wire. Somewhat expensive, but convenient to the plinth is not hard, but soft.

That is his edge is made of soft plastic. This plinth better adjacent to wall irregularities, leaving no gaps. what needs to be more to Plinth? – Corners, end caps on the edges and joints – all the plastic fittings that are matched by color moldings. Ask to participate in the selection of Seller, showing him the plan of your room. In my opinion, of all the title should especially pay attention to the corners. They are reinforced in the angle between the two plinths.

In this case, their attachment, they are adjacent to the plinth itself, very weak and break easily. If you do not have much experience fixing skirting boards, if you like to work quickly and naturally, it is time to take one or two corners in reserve – they probably come in handy. – Plug-nails. They plinth will be attached to the wall. Dowel-peg is a plastic plug with a wide hat and screwing a screw into it.