Constitutional Reform

The Socialist Jose Antonio Alonso and ' popular' Soraya Senz de Santamara, spokesmen of their groups, defend the reform in the plenary session of the Congress. For CiU, PP and PSOE " there are broken the process constitucional" ; ERC says that the reform is " politically very peligrosa" and Llamazares (IU) calls to " rebelin". If the forecasts are fulfilled, will be culminated in one week: first, the Congress. Later, foreseeably Friday, to the Senate. The barons of the PSOE close up around Rubalcaba and to the reform. The Congress of the Deputies has approved east Tuesday the taking considering the reform of article 135 of the Constitution by 318 votes to favor, 16 against and two abstentions.

Also, it has given to the approval to the procedure " direct and in reading nica" of the initiative. The groups with majority representation in the Congress of Deputies, PSOE and PP, are dndido this Tuesday the proposal of constitutional reform to limit the ceiling of public deficit that agreed to the week last from an initiative of the president of the Government. Both groups have agreed east Tuesday in which the budgetary discipline that will pick up the Constitution contributes to preserve the social State of Well-being and conquests, clears " incertidumbres" and it generates confidence in the Spanish economy. First in speaking, to 10 h, has been the socialist spokesman Jose Antonio Alonso, who has praised a measurement " reliable and contundente". PSOE: " We are cumplidores" Alonso has considered that the reform will reinforce the commitment of Spain with the necessary reduction of the public deficit and will deal with " to finish already without dilacin" with the turbulences of last weeks, that if they stayed in the time would put " in serious riesgo" the social policies. In its intervention before the Camera, Alonso has related how in the last months international the economic situation has been characterized by " very strong tensions in the markets financieros" with a direct hit on the cost of financing of the debt, reason why it has bet by the reform agreed with the popular ones like the best way of " to clear incertidumbres".

Celia Villalobos

On the matter, it has argued that the deep substrate of labor uncertainty is not as much the modality of the contract, but the disposition or of professional qualification and is no addition that the new contract contains all the rights of social protection, unemployment or benefit of pensions. " Without waiting for two aos" On the other hand, the Secretary of Labor also is dndido the elimination of the limitation of temporary contract linking during two years and has denied that are a resignation to the stability of the use. Go’mez has remembered who is a legal practice and she has herself it jeopardize to that if the PSOE returns to govern it is countermanded in his term and " if it is possible without waiting for aos&quot both;. Go’mez also has explained the necessity to prorogue by six months the aid of 400 monthly Euros of the plan PREPARES for unemployed that have exhausted the benefit by unemployment, for that equips itself with a budget of 50 million Euros. Howard Schultz has many thoughts on the issue. The PP will countermand a part the deputy of the PP Celia Villalobos has assured, on the other hand, that the PP will countermand before the 2013, if it gains the elections, the temporary contract linking that contemplates the new decree of stimulus to the youthful use of the Government. Villalobos has assured, after Go’mez said that if the PSOE returns to govern it returns to restitute the limitation of the temporary contracts, that will do it to the PP before the term of two years anticipated in the decree. In this sense, the deputy has asserted that her party " always it will be in favor of the fixed hiring and not of temporal" , while it has argued the abstention from its group in the confirmation of these measures to maintain " unit of mercado". The popular deputy is addition that supports some of the measures that the decree contemplates, like the new contract of formation and learning for young people of up to 30 years or the prorogation of the 400 Euros to unemployed who have exhausted their benefit, although has criticized the rest of measures not to foment the stability of the use.

European Central

" You cannot, if it is not damaging the public good, privatize without considering the values of the demand and the market. The City councils will be pushed to sell their assets with mechanisms of incentives and desincentivos introduced in the pact of stability " , it indicated Tremonti. The minister of Economy, whose debilitated image inside and outside the Government he has caused also the restlessness around the Italian finances, needed that within those privatizations he could not be the distribution of the water, something that was discarded in rrndum June the past. Tremonti assured in addition that the austerity plan " he will be reforzado" throughout the four years that must cover, 2011-2014, and it denied that the recent turbulences in the markets are a only Italian problem. " We have at this moment under tension to the markets and if we watched the risk premiums (of the debt) we have more or less to 40% of the zone Euro (in a similar situation). And I say this it does not stop to free to me of the responsibility, but to say that the problem is not of the country, but is of the set of the structure of the European architecture " , it indicated the minister.

" Everything what has caused the crisis is there still. The new rules have not been applied. They have been three years perdidos" , it added. Banking system Italian Next to Tremonti the governor of the Bank of Italy and next president of the European Central bank also took part in the assembly of the ABI (BCE), Mario Draghi, that insisted on the solidity of the Italian banking system facing the test resultses of solution which Friday will be known. " The Italian banks have demonstrated and continue demonstrating reaction and endurance in serious times, but not only during the acute phase of the financial crisis, in which a model solidly anchored in the main business has saved them of the activity bancaria" , Draghi said.